Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand- 3 Queens, Gold found in Royal Tomb

Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand- 3 Queens, Gold found in Royal Tomb

As a poker hand, 3 queens is nothing to sneeze at. If you are an archaeologist in the 21st century, happening upon an undisturbed tomb that contains 3 queens and all of the possessions traditionally buried with royalty after their death can be priceless. Continue »


Se supone que tiene 18…Latino Voters Wonder ‘Who Does Love Them In the 2020 Election’?

Maybe it isn’t too late for Kanye to make up some ground in the 2020 election.  After being shut out of the 2020 Vice Presidential qualification process, Latin voters are already starting to look at just who has been helpful in building a wall of support that underpins a stable, prosperous community.

Covid ‘Intellectually’ Handled, But Are Lives Being Lost in Translation?

George W. Bush once jokingly said that France needs a word for ‘entrepreneurs’. In the same vein, if you look at the Covid virus projections for Texas and other states, it is obvious that the states’ strategy will have to be to have business and citizens hang in there until about January, when the first of the American-made vaccines hits the market.

Frequency System Near Lake Piru Ought To Be Audited After Rivera’s Disappearance

Several years ago, a car overturned in a icy river and firefighters could see the wreckage and the body of an adult inside. As they looked across the river, some of them heard a voice that said “Here we are”. Instead of packing their gear back up, they attempted to reach the car. Once there, they found an infant that was alive. They rescued that infant

Templar Moonshot: Catholic, Buddhist, And Islamic Countries Look To Join The Space Race

For the planners of the 2000 years of Christianity party in Los Angeles, it seemed to be an easy thing to add the fact that they were planning on committing party budget to add an digital archive library on the moon- replete with a ‘tools’ library that included moon rovers and equipment that would allow government, universities, and even high schools access to a moon laboratory remotely.

How ‘Bout Gobsmacked Candidates Get Half The Distance And One Sonic Answer That Frees The World?

So Chaucer’s early work brought him acclaim and a literary appointment to the King of England.  Yet when someone is upstream from you that is not the King wants you gone, you will probably start to show signs of cracking over time.  Chaucer was no exception.  He lived miserably, died early, and was supposedly turned into a parakeet for some of his later work.   The short of it is that he was hit by a continuous quartzite (early electronics) cadencing and frequency attack that lasted for years.

One Commerce Secretary Killed, One Wrecked In Frequency Weapon Coverup

New information that has come to light shows that US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s plane was supposedly forced to crash in 1996 by a Serbian frequency weapon that hit the plane as it approached Dubrovnic, Croatia.  The attack was a reprisal for US Navy based ships in the middle of the Adriatic using sonic weapons on Serbian civilians along the coast.

So Apparently Paul Walker Was Murdered

We don’t normally go back and revisit stories that we have published in the past.  By the same token, if there is new, compelling evidence, it can sometimes put a story into perspective.  In the case of the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash, our original story said that it ‘might’ be the case that satellite interference was involved as there was an existing roadside frequency network in existence on Santa Clarita’s major thoroughfares at the time.

911 Continued: Did NSA Or Justice Contractors Start A One Year Attack Clock And Forget About It?

Since we published the original 9/11 interview, we have been inundated with requests for more information.  It would seem that the public does want justice to be done if major mistakes were covered up on 9/11 and the Kennedy plane crash.  The real question has been whether or not the government will actually allow there to be an accounting for the government contractors that were involved.

911 Revisited: Why Did The US Government Ignore The 911 Clock?

For those that weren’t aware that there was an attempt to manage or to pretend to manage the 911 date and time of the New York WTC attack, the question that is probably the most important for them to remember is: “Who is responsible for deliberately using satellite to caption workers that they wanted to use the word ‘ulluate’? It may sound odd at first, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that someone has run a fairly large cover-up in order to get away from liability.

Baby Metal: Pan Am One Artist Of The Month

When your band manages to help sell out a venue like Wembley before you have even hit the age of 18, it is a sure sign that you may be onto something special. Baby Metal from Japan has three divas and one of the world’s best metal bands creating a fusion of strong guitar and sometimes sweet vocals. The net effect has been a coronation of sorts among some in the metal industry that recognize that the next generation will continue to innovate. And although they are not strangers to North America, they have recently received some airplay in Latin America, making them an obvious choice as Pan Am One artists of the month. Editors’ Note: Pan Am One would also like to apologize to the band for having a server crash take out this article for several days.