Peru:  Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand: 3 Queens, Gold in Royal Tomb

Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand: 3 Queens, Gold in Royal Tomb

The results of an rare archaeological dig, an undiscovered Wari Royal Tomb, were recently reported to National Geographic. Photo: Wari Empire- Pikillaqta administrative center courtesy of I, AgainErick under Creative Commons 3.0 license Continue»


Baby Metal: Pan Am One Artist Of The Month


When your band has already gone where a lot of other bands have not and you are still in your teens, you are living in rarified air.  Baby Metal, a group that has toured with Lady Gaga and other acts while becoming the first Japanese band to be the main act at Wembley has struck hard over the course of its last two albums, creating a fusion sound that is winning over listeners outside of Japan.

As Mexican Elections Near, DID Weighs Porto Norte Options

After the Drink It Down (DID) consortium announced that it was creating a new market segment for construction that included canal building, there was a flurry of interest in understanding precisely where their first projects were going to be located.

Sinbad Gaming To Join Search For Malaysian Flight 370

Although the fourth anniversary of the loss of flight 370 is rapidly approaching, the difficulty that searchers have had in locating the plane keep the incident rather fresh in the public mind.

Sexual Satellite Announcement Creates Debate

A long time ago, the US decided to focus its sonic or wave technology development in two areas:  control and sexual response.  The upshot was that it might be useful to the government to either manage someone or create an orgasm in them.

Courageous Project Kicks Off On Time

Starting tomorrow, a new project that will create a victim and investor owned company that mitigates some of the sonic and neural warfare, damage, and pollution created by the tech industry will come online.  Known as the Courageous Project, it will offer victims of control or sexual sonic programs that were run in private companies or on public populations ownership in the form of a license that will convert later to stock or cash.  It will also collect money from tech companies that are interested in supporting the development of a community space that is devoted to educating people on the dangers of oscillation in the workplace and home.

Arraign In Spain? Or Put Them On A Plane?

Recent events have created more friction in Catalonia than there has been in years.  Surprisingly enough, people in Latin American countries have strong opinions about what should happen there going forward.
As the parent company of Pan Am One is involved rolling out a global construction consortium, an interview with our editor brings forward yet one more option for the region and Spain to consider:

Cortes’ Secret Peanut Plan To Restore Nahua Rule

The next time that you decide to cook a turkey in peanut oil, think back to the Mexican or Aztec scientists that probably did the same thing at some point in the past 2000 years. It may help give you some perspective on how much of the food in the Americas came roaring up from the South.

Neural War Update:  Did 755 Trigger An Agreement?

In Unix, 755 is an indication that the owner has create, execute and read rights while the members of the group and the general public can access the the directory that they need to in order to read the file in question.

Recently, when Mr. Putin of Russia determined that around 755 of the US overseas State department employees in Russia needed to leave, some people were left wondering if there wasn’t some sub-text attached to the measure.

Who Pretended To Giftwrap Abbottabad For Obama, Embedding Details In His Name?

In one of the more complex news stories of recent years, at least three ingredients come together to point to an authorless effort to ensure that Barack Obama got credit for taking down Osama bin Laden. Apparently, someone’s intelligence forces got to the strongman’s entourage in 2004 and influenced the later move to Abbottabad, creating a map that was embedded in future President Obama’s name.

Trump And The FBI: Maybe Everyone Is Lying A Little A Bit

There has been a lot of posturing going on over the past few weeks in Washington regarding the investigation of the election.  Since it seems to be the province of a privileged few in the press corps to actually understand what is going on without passing it on in a plain fashion to members of the public, we’ll go ahead and provide some explanations that might clarify some of the positions being taken thus far.  Below is an interview with editor, David Gass regarding the ongoing melee: