Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand- 3 Queens, Gold found in Royal Tomb

As a poker hand, 3 queens is nothing to sneeze at.  If you are an archaeologist in the 21st century, happening upon an undisturbed tomb that contains 3 queens and all of the possessions traditionally buried with royalty after their death can be priceless.

So when Milosz Giersz, the head of a University of Warsaw research team reported his findings to National Geographic , stating that “We are talking about the first, unearthed royal imperial tomb.”,  there was a lot of excitement in the region.

And unlike many digs, like at Teotihuacan, where a discovery leads to an multi-year wait for the dig to proceed cautiously, Giersz’s team remained quiet about their discovery until they had time to completely finish their work.

The result is a stunning set of cultural treasures that includes the bodies of three queens that were interred in the tomb.  The queens were part of  the Wari empire, a civilization that pre-dated the Incas by several hundred years.

They were buried with semi-precious stones, jewelry, golden knitting needles, and a rare alabaster cup.  The mausoleum that they were found was in a part of a Wari complex that had been of no interest to tomb raiders.  It had in fact been used as a rubble refuse pile by those looking to find and steal treasure.