Another Potential Coverup Looms in America

In part one of our series on Data Rape and Brainjacking, we focused on describing systems that are in place in industry and the criminal world that allow organic networks to follow people and steal information by compromising the employee or executive that is being attacked. Part Two is about the government role and how it is hindering public safety by suppressing or ignoring important information that the public needs to protect itself.

End of Summer in Baja California: a warm morning with not a cloud in the sky. As the taxi draws to a stop on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a high school boy wearing short sleeves and a fur lined hat that covers his ears climbs aboard. In most places the extreme winter gear on a 70 degree morning would seem out of place. In Rosarito, Mexico it is a more common form of protection from people hitting you in the head from afar with a sonic weapon.

And where did the weapons come from? Sonic weapons and microwave weaponry have been part of the military, law enforcement, private industry, and criminal landscape in the United States for over 15 years- and yet until last week, there had only been one major story involving their use in the past decade picked up on by news outlets. That story involved the use of a sonic cannon to ward off pirates off the coast of Somalia. It proved to be effective, but the person who fired it from the cruise ship later filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer because they ended up with medical problems as an alleged result of their using the weapon.

Yes, we have no weapons

Do directed energy weapons fire through walls? Yes.  Can they hit someone through the floor, the ceiling, or the walls? Yes. Can they deliver so that it appears that it is coming from inside your head? Yes. When did they arrive in Baja?  A system that covered the main thoroughfares and shopping venues was in place by the end of 2010.

How are they used? In Mexico, they were initially used to control prostitutes and recruit women and men to be involved in prostitution either as customers or workers. They were also used to debilitate and disorient and distract business competitors. They have also been used to direct or control ranchers, farmers, and shoppers by hitting them with directed sound messages. When that occurs, the attackers usually pretend to be law enforcement or military.

But despite major incidents on the streets of Rosarito, Tijuana, and in the San Diego border region, there have been no news stories whatsoever regarding the abuse of systems. The local electronics store in Rosarito, however reports a run on high-tech megaphones as residents try and protect themselves by arming themselves .

In fact, when one US executive was hit at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing both outside and inside the US Border Facility by sonic weapons, the US response mentioned through contractors was that there was a sniper on the loose with a sonic weapon in the border area and the CBP personnel were responding. Will that news ever become part of the after traffic report in San Diego? It isn’t likely. The Mexican police have been much more pragmatic in their approach, surrounding people that have complained with police armed with radios to see if there is interference. One feature of directed energy weapons that utilize radio frequencies to deliver their blow or message is that they will interfere with radio and vice versa.

Naval Base San Diego under attack daily

In San Diego itself, San Ysidro Blvd. and Beyer Blvd from the border up through Chula Vista and National City are covered by a combination of parametric speakers and sonic weapons that frequently harass people walking on the sidewalk. As the system is networked, they can be harassed by one person remotely for almost 12 miles. Interestingly enough, when the sound is directed broadband in National City, it hits the Naval base buildings on a daily basis and has done so for the past few years.

One businessperson who arrived early at the courthouse in San Diego was hit outside the courthouse for over an hour by people inside the courthouse before the court had opened. Once inside, he was hit inside the courtroom with a beam while testifying. Another businessperson who arrived at an interview at the contractors’ buildings where they service San Diego County’s IT overheard two contractors asking a seemingly scared co-worker at the coffee cart if she wanted a ‘digital dildo’. Their explanation of what they could do to her was an accurate description of a sonic weapon.

A couple years of investigation into weapon use at a local San Diego community college turned up sonic weapon use in the student centers and microwave weapon use in the student computer labs. Across the street from one of the campuses in a high-rise, someone was hitting students walking on the sidewalk with sonic or parametric speaker weapons up until the first part of 2013.

It even showed up at at the conference of a major test equipment manufacturer who makes machines that can sense and record attacks.  One executive in attendance was hit through the wall with a pulse and then the conference speaker, a world expert in detecting waves, was hit in the wrist with a pulse and yelled out in surprise as she dropped her laser pointer.

So when the news hit that the cold-blooded murderer of 12 people in Washington had a history of anger management problems compounded by a run-in with people bearing microwave weapons that vibrated his body and kept him awake, it was also telling that there was a silence from the Navy regarding its own weapons. Again, the Pentagon’s own training materials talk about sonic weapons as being designed to disorient and distract. The fact that they are being used upon civilians for corporate espionage, human trafficking purposes, and to provide a renaissance for the term ‘claim jumping’ in terms of real estate and corporate competitiveness seems to have had very little impact in labeling US government agencies as being social polluters.

Instead, another word that has gained recent usage becomes more appropriate, meme. The meme for the motive for the senseless killings in Washington has been largely served up by the media as mental illness. To the technically astute, it would appear more appropriate to state that some criminals targeted a time bomb with a known history of violence.

Will the meme change? At this point, it looks like the decision is up to the Government. US media has been fairly sheeplike with regards our own Government’s human rights record over the course of the past decade due to the war and has only recently began to recover some of its former power. The Washington Navy Yard stories over the past couple of days seem to raise the motive question, but do not go beyond reporting. They haven’t even figured out what the weapon inscription means. Clearly, he was talking about being a victim of mind control, which is something that is here today as a weapon and will be detailed in our next installment in this series.  For now, Pan Am ONE can prove in a court of law that that type of attack is commonplace in Navy towns and so is not shackled by the same set of blinders. Another factor that comes into play for the Government is the secrecy card. Although the no-touch torture standard has been in development for over 60 years, they may decide not to explain what happened to the public in order to keep their program under wraps.

Could this particular incident have been avoided? Yes. Which is not to say that the same individual would not have been triggered by something else later.

The first part of the Pan Am ONE series detailed the the technology behind the torture and harassment that is done using sonic and microwave weapons and the debilitating physical effects that do occur. It also talked about the philosophy behind attacking IT personnel and other employees that have access to sensitive information.
If the government, both federal and local had listened to this or to our backgrounder that was sent to the State Department a few months ago and acted by actually explaining the type of danger that is present for US citizens due to this type of attack, the murderer might have gotten some sleep or stopped the harassment because he would have been able to approach the Navy and tell them the true nature of the attacks upon himself without fear of being labeled mentally incompetent. Additionally, the police that were called by the suspect would have understood what to look for and might have made some headway in the case.
The irony is that the Navy itself is the both the author and client for many of these programs. So it already knows that the torture and harassment can occur and does occur, leading some legal pundits to state that after spending time grieving, the families of the victims should hire lawyers. After all, if the killer was never informed of the danger presented by misuse of the Navy’s own technology, there may be some neglience presumed.

Were microwave weapons used? It is likely because part of the allure of sonic weapons is that they are used to both provide pleasurable feelings and punishment in the form of brain vibration or sounds that the victim cannot get away from. The program that is used by criminals is to try and assert control of a subject by using both pain and pleasure, anger and friendship. When a microwave beam hits you, the effect is usually much different. It can feel like a constant pressure and it can cause irratibility and anger.

The potential impact for Latin American countries can be a great negative. In Argentina, where such weapons are banned due to the fact that Argentina believes that they are against the Geneva Convention on Weapons, it is not really a problem. In other countries, either gangs or business network affiliates will continue to try and proliferate. Given the fact that in both Mexico and the United States, the weapon use is now being directed at children and young people, the danger is grave and can be both medical and societal.

We would urge both Mr. Hagel and the President to take a hard look at the facts and make the right decision on the results of the investigation.  With incidents in Honolulu, Newport, San Diego, Oceanside, and other military locations reported, it may work out that personal safety  via awareness for Americans ends up trumping disclosure of an aging technique or technology.


Up Next:  Unfair Advantage; Who is benefiting from widespread testing or use of directed energy weapons