Tigertown: Pan Am One Artist of the Month


The music business has changed since digitized recordings became a large part of the revenue equation.  Bands that become more visible via promotion through third party sites are connecting more frequently with people that enjoy their music and want to promote them in markets that may formerly have high barriers to entry.

We’ve seen it firsthand at Pan Am 1 after featuring hip-hop bands that are from other countries, our American music editors were sometimes followed by people promoting hip-hop from the United States, the message seemingly being that it should remain a US-controlled genre.  Whereas we do not have an opinion, we would note that good music can find a way to reach people in today’s environment.

This month, Tigertown, one of the most talked about Australian bands over the past year has been chosen as the Pan Am 1 artist of the month.

With a fresh sound and a lot of creativity, they have recently agreed to work with a New York University marketing team that is exploring the same ground that marketing professionals are now experiencing in the wild- chiefly, with an optimized music distribution system at hand, do you need the same monolithic publishing industry to effectively promote a band, or can talented marketing people help you win through?

In Tigertown’s favor are the fact that they are one of the more talented bands to come out of Australia and they may continue to provide outstanding music for years. We look forward to hearing more from them and seeing them in all the Americas in the near future.  Congratulations!