Royal Inca Travel Tips: Avoiding the California Heart Shot While on Vacation

There was a lengthy newsroom debate over whether or not the death of Dr. Dean Kawesch in Cancun, Mexico 7 years ago was suspicious enough to name the radio routine that causes chest pain after the resort city where it may have been made famous. Instead, it was decided that California gets the dubious honor after contractors were caught using the weapon on people waiting in line outside a superior court house in Southern California.

So, for all travelers to California, remember that if you are in an environment where you can hear outdoor broadcast that doesn’t appear to be from a radio station or music service or dj in the city that you are in, you are likely in range of weapons that can be used to stress your vagus nerve and cause heart discomfort.

What does it feel like?

You will likely feel your chest vibrate and some pain in your heart area. Because radio/sonic weapons are sophisticated, you will likely notice that there is a repetitive rhythym to the pain that doesn’t match the type of natural pains near your heart that accompany an actual heart attack. You may also notice that the pressure sometimes feels to be coming from outside your chest.

What to do if you are hit:

You can be hit briefly as a warning by gangs or you can suffer an extended attack. If you experience brief discomfort, contact the local police. They may have signed non-disclosure agreements with vendors that preclude them from letting the public know about the technology, but they cannot know if there are problems unless they are contacted. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office has allowed testing in their South County jail facilities and can provide background information for any police office you contact. Pan Am One has also made a point of helping tourists in Southern California and can provide information via e-mail at

Of course, as always, if you do feel any heart pains, you should definitely contact medical personnel.

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