Schiller’s List about to go live in Southern California!

In the run-up to the publication of a piece on virtual prisons, here is an interview with a Pan Am staff member regarding the decision by Morus Dei, a charitable group, to create a Schiller’s list for travelers to the United States and Mexico.

So Morus Dei has created the position of Morus Dei liaison to the Vatican City for people that are impacted by government or government contractor or business weapon systems that are in use in Southern California. What is the impetus behind that?

According to them, it is simple.

1. Since 2011 there has been a documented history of sonic weapons being used against civilians at and inside the San Ysidro border crossing and outside the Naval Base in National City California.

2. The systems being deployed have the following features:

a. Capable of tracking someone and using directional sound and/or radio as a weapon that can negatively impact any part of someone’s body. This indicates that radar is being used to track people.
b. Can be and are used with different frequencies to create multiple debilitative effects on humans and allow the government workers or contractors using the system to deny that they are being used.
c. Include the capability of using and history of using routines that hijack human nervous systems to influence behavior and mood.
d. (When directional sound is used to hit someone inside or outside a government building, it can be heard in a straight line around someone or via reverberation off objects that are hit. Because of this it…) Can create effects that cause witnesses who do hear snippets of sound to believe that the people being hit are in fact affiliated with the US government or in their employ.
e. (One import of any communication that is made is to gauge and encourage physiological reaction to questions that are asked or information that is sought. In
this way systems…) Can mirror one of the goals of the former MK Ultra program.

3. They are considered to be weapons because they have the ability to impact the physiology, the mood, and the thoughts of anyone who is hit.

4. This technology has also rapidly spread throughout the private sector regionally in both California and Mexico.

5. As there is solid evidence from the top technical universities in the world that this type of weapon is one that creates physical effects that directly and negatively impact the personality and what is considered by some to be the ‘soul’, use of this type of weapon against civilians is considered to be a crime against humanity.

Umm, and how does a credential help the people that are being hit or do not want to be hit?

As liaison, they will receive a letter from Morus Dei that constitutes their credentials that they can present to the the appropriate government agency that demands that they be exempted from being hit or exploited by any such system due to their status. In other words, they will receive immunity from the US government having the right to use sonic, radio, or radar systems on them in the United States.

The same holds true for private businesses that have had security systems installed that allow for the same type of targeting. If liaisons that are customers do not wish to be hit by a system within a store or restaurant or hotel, they can show these letters to the management and ask that they be exempted from any database or system that allows them be hit.

The main result for the person with credentials is that they should not be hit by these technologies without their knowledge and consent.

Like a ‘do not call’ list for people who do not want to be tortured?

Right. The project is apparently called ‘Schiller’s List’ internally in Morus Dei, although Schiller does not actually correspond to a historical figure. We do know that in the past, Morus Dei has ignored defining the subject in its project names. They encourage people who are about to vacation in the United States or Mexico to get credentialed before they go on vacation or take a business trip so they can present their credentials to the security people or management at the places that they visit.

Is there a cost to be credentialed?

Nope. Pan Am One will publish the link to the credentialing process soon and credentials will be delivered electronically. We should state that Pan Am One is not Morus Dei, but Pan Am One’s parent company has a community partnership with Morus Dei.

But isn’t Morus Dei’s leadership Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox? What if someone who is credentialed is Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist or Fundamentalist Christian or Agnostic?

Good question. Except for it’s top leadership, Morus Dei is non-denominational, which means that its programs are open to all. With regards to providing credentials, the credential document accommodates whatever faith or agnostic beliefs that the individual wants to express by providing a space for noting what their individual belief system is as part of the credential.

What if someone is credentialed and then hit?

If the system used has an origin outside the business or government establishment that they are in when they are hit, then there is liability on the part of the people outside the facility and the organization inside the facility. If the system used has an origin inside the facility, then there is liability on the part of the agency or company that is located inside the facility. Being credentialed gives you the grounds to sue and recover damages for what amounts to a one-sided ‘Abu-ghraib’- style torture. Morus Dei will support any lawsuit or criminal charges with testimony and Pan Am One is currently building a demonstration for use in court rooms, businesses, and schools- and to show jurors and law enforcement exactly how felonies are being committed in their jurisdiction.

So the import is that the government and business meme that this type of problem doesn’t exist is a lie?

If that is what is said, it is a dangerous lie and a very expensive lie. Thousands of years ago in a cave in Malta, people were using frequency to put other people into trances so that they could ostensibly program them easily. Today, that is being done remotely using waves while directed sound provides cues. If you have a sick sense of humor, we have some pretty funny pictures from libraries around San Diego county where a frequency program was used to sensitize nervous systems so that people that wanted to disturb patrons could get rid of people that did not conform to what their own ideas of what patronship meant. Pan Am One went undercover to obtain them and found out that the spirit of historic California in times of crisis remains Manzanar or Il Duce, not Ben Franklin.

As publishers, we think that to safeguard the public’s rights, they need to be aware of these systems. When they were deployed in Iraq, the enemies of the US at that time were very interested in getting their hands on the technology and were actively researching whatever public information that was available. The irony is that the same systems were in use by organized crime in Hawaii and on the West Coast of the United States in 2001. Similar systems were also in use prior to that in the technology industry and the defense industry to cream competition or thin the herd. So while there are very good financial reasons for people to want to keep things quiet, it has always been the case that a portion of the country retains the attitude that other peoples’ financial liability should not have to become a shared public problem.
And of course, criminals are hitting children with directional sound in elementary schools. Eerie.

Does Morus Dei credential children?

Yes. The latest research indicates that they are people too.

When will the credential be available?