Not of Islam, but mebbe of Mohammed? Old wive’s tale about President Obama partially explained

When President Obama first started his campaign for the presidency, there were those that claimed that his faith was Muslim and that he was not being honest with people about his belief system. Of course it worked out that the arguments that that group of people made were far off the mark and so any intended controversy did not develop.

Yet if one were to go back and look at the President’s family roots on his mom’s side, it is interesting to note that one of his ancestors from France grew up in a village that contained a lot of people that were validated descendants of Mohammed.

In fact, there was a group of people in that area known as the ‘Modals’- sometimes with a different spelling. They were descended from and eventually made royal for their David, Mohammed, and Alexander 6, the pope, ancestry. The families were royal in Aragon and/or Italy for their David,  they were royal in the Ottoman Empire for Mohammed, and they were allegedly Papally acknowledged for their descendancy from the Borgias. Because the villages were small and everyone inter-married, it is conceivable that the president is not only descended from Mohammed on his mom’s side, but that his French family has been recognized as being Royal Mohammed in the past. The key thing to remember though, is that if that is the case, it is a cultural and historical fact, not a religious decision. All people in those areas were either Catholic or Protestant or Jewish during that time period.

If anything, adding that heritage could provide a greater awareness of the complexity of the issues facing people in Mediterranean and Middle east regions- as well as underscore the notion that someone who was once a stakeholder might make more reasoned decisions about how to move forward.