Virtual Prisons For Vacationers: The 7 Worst Sonic / Radar Routines used on Urban or Beach People

It is sort of surprising that people have trouble understanding how virtual prisons have brought a more of a fascist utopia to people living in urban areas. Yet Doppler radar, modified cell phones and electronic devices, and sensors that sell for as little as $2 a piece have made it much easier for networks and gangs to stage virtual home and office invasions that make the Sony attack look like child’s play.

Why then with the extensive economic damage, have they been ignored by local police forces, businesses and school officials? The reasons vary. For an agency like the CBP, that has both embedded military and local and regional police, it is useful to have gangs and police affiliates masquerading as gangs surrounding, eavesdropping on, and broadcasting any activity or information retrieved from homes and businesses. The broadcasts via local directional sound and localized radio can be picked up at the border for analysis and use in their police activity. The fact that using a microphone on a business or home is a felony in both California or Mexico means nothing to the US Federal Government. In fact, as this piece is being written in Pan Am One’s offices in Tijuana, not only are internet connected speakers staffed by crews interrogating in English directing a sound and radar onslaught at our office, the data portion of this article is being swiped and broadcast locally throughout the neighborhood almost simultaneously with it being typed, an interesting present for an agency that famous for its retaliatory actions. Why do we know that it is being broadcast? Because the broadcast can be heard inside the building where Pan Am One’s offices are located. The phenomena is know as CBP Mobile among some people.

Police forces tend to ignore letting the public know about it for three reasons. They actually appreciate the artificially lower crime rates that a networked system can bring to a community, despite the fact that they are merely trading one type of crime for another. They also are frequently tied into vendor agreements or regional policing agreements with Federal Police or Homeland Security that team them up to preserve the secret so that they can continue to use it in the field. In Florida, a lawsuit that legally gathered some relevant information on police potentially illegally using surveillance equipment ended when the Federal Police swooped in to legally whisk away the local police’s data. A third reason that they do not mention it as a problem is that outside of the sonic units that are mounted in some patrol cars or available through the department, criminals actually exercise some wisdom and avoid using it when police patrols are around. Sonic beams are used in front of police, but because only the person that is hit with one hears it, the police normally have no way of knowing or proving that it is being used. That means a witness can be intimidated in front of a police officer without them knowing.

Sonic Beams, Empty Banks, The Sun Goes Down Alone

The net effect of the police not publicizing the problem is that neighborhoods and entire retail complexes are both liable and vulnerable to security systems that double as weapon systems for those people that are pointed at. Sound design experts say that there are inherent complexities in the situation for both homeowners and retail complexes. While California has a law requiring sonic beam and cannon weapons to be registered and a log of their use generated, the law is not enforced for smaller systems and pedestrians and civilians are unaware of their rights.

In San Ysidro, California, where a internet-networked test system went live on San Ysidro Boulevard on June 6, 2011, the cumulative effect in a prosperous community that straddles the border has been perplexing. Instead of creating more business after implementation, it seems to have had an influence in helping 4 bank branches close. Of course, the local economy maintained a 1 to 3 percent unemployment rate throughout the recession and growth has been strong since the recession ended- causing business analysts to ask why harassing Mexican visitors and Americans that come to the border is not a Mussolini-style tactic that should be met with lawsuits and arrests where necessary. Pan Am One has learned of at least one large lawsuit in the works for the region.

School officials know about sonic beam technology, but do not appear to be well versed in protecting students. A passerby at an Imperial Beach middle school two months ago ended up hearing a sonic beam from across the street bouncing off the building asking if the junior high school boys out front wanted oral sex. Further North, at school functions, sonic weapons have been recorded as being used on people in elementary schools.

Worst Routines on the Street: Top 7 List

When creating a virtual prison, the key elements are to have a localized system that affects one’s work or home environment- or both. If you can couple it with a regional system like is set up in Baja Mexico and Southern California, users can create a seamless surveillance environment that stretches for more than 100 miles.
For pedestrians, the problems have been particularly acute, with good reason. Not only are they at risk of being hit with consistent sonic beams on all thoroughfares, there are also radio frequency and additional feature routines that allow many parts of the system to adjust the effects on your body:

The Famed California Heart Shot: where your vagus nerve or heart is palpitated or tightened, causing pain and potential heart attacks.

The Digital Dildo: now available in Mexico and California for both men and women. It is a wave routine that uses pressure points to simulate vaginal or anal sex. Its use as a part of a rape kit in virtual prisons is widespread and very under-reported. It has been reported in both California and Mexico and was first reported being mentioned onsite at the San Diego County Point Loma IT Facility.

The Get Palsy Shot: which is normally applied to the arms or legs and creates knarled toes and fingers. Similar to tensoring, this routine may have been developed originally to fleece insurance companies and not to irritate people that are inside a virtual prison sensor zone.

The Augment Your Thoughts Shot: If you have been picked up by a system on a California public street by a IR card reader examining your wallet or by video facial recognition and are in the database that is tied to the application, you can be harassed for any number of blocks. In some systems, like security systems in place on biotech companies, AI can be used to augment physiological data pulled from passersby, blending personal information from databases and trying to draw them into a scenario that assumes the system is familiar with them. However the system interacts with you, there is a routine that allows sonic systems to place a very quiet voice in your head that is designed to mimic the volume of you having your own thought. Cheer up, because when you recognize it, you will find out that someone has managed to turn you into the Brazilian rat that received another rat’s thoughts via the internet- so that it could be a champion cheese eater. For this routine to be effective and place someone else’s words in your mouth, it requires distraction, stress, or inebriation. Mexican prisoners in jails are sometimes shot through the outside the jail walls when high and end up following a set of instructions or speaking without necessarily being aware of the interference or that they are stating what someone else just hit them with. Courtroom staff and lawyers have been observed synchronizing stressful moments for Navy legal opponents in San Diego County Court rooms right before they have been hit with testimony changing sonic beam or radio messages, calling into question the outcome of any trial where the equipment was present outside the court room. It has also been popular to use it in night clubs on unsuspecting people. In National City and other locales, companies are testing laying down a layer of radio frequency to sensitize nerves and ‘prep’ people before they start inserting thoughts or words.

The Corkscrew Into Your Head Shot: Worth mentioning because it has been documented as being used at Care Fusion in 2008 and on campus at Southwestern college in 2013, the sensation is one of a varying degree of pain spiraling towards the center of your brain from its entrance point. It typically causes someone to forget what they where talking about while they are talking when used the first time.

The Increase the Internal Pressure Shot: This routine is normally used on intestines using doppler radar or similar bedcheck software to go through floors or walls and locate targets. The effect is to blast the contents of your bowels. It is supposedly a very dangerous way of keeping people slim. A modification of this routine is also used to cause blowouts. It was used in North San Diego county on 1-5 about 8 years ago and it was used in East Village to flatten bicycle and truck tires in 2014 after someone decided that they wanted to control people who came into the neighborhood. If someone is using it around you, you might have your two liter beverage containers make a popping noise.

The Now You Are Dizzy Shot: Instant vertigo courtesy of the routine will have you side or front- stepping to keep your balance. Our office in Mexico was actually hit a few days before David Goldberg’s tragic and senseless death by a sonic beam with the words ‘Goldberg’ and ‘Surveymonkey’. No sense was made of it- but with regard to the conjecture, yes, it is true that we have observed many people and hotel clerks in Mexico getting shot with sonic and losing their balance. Yet a few years ago, the thrill of hitting someone with sonic to cause them to lose their balance in Mexico gave way to using LRADs to vibrate cars and houses to set off their alarms. The most popular use of the dizzy shot in recent years in Mexico, however, is typically to act as a warning that there is a “powerful presence” nearby.

Some of the routines like the dizzy shot are used as a cocktail with other shots that affect mood to create complex routines that have been developed to the point where someone can be hit with a frequency and say something that they don’t even think is out of sorts. The latest routines are often sold to strip clubs and find their way into high tech and the hospitality industry with increasing rapidity.

When used in conjunction with a virtual prison sensor system, which has been in use in the hospitality industry for at least 15 years, routines, sonic, and emulated TMS can allow gangs to take over someone’s schedule, and even have a shot at creating a Manchurian situation. When the police took down a prostitution ring in Southern California last year, they were struck by how adamant the underage prostitutes were about remaining part of the network when they were being severely exploited. The facts are that the hospitality industry has been greatly aided by unscrupulous AI, hardware, and software developers, creating a very compelling system that rewards obedient behavior with positive feelings and vice versa. Even 14 years ago, as revealed by New Zealand’s Labor Party members, Symantec hired a former Iraqi Republican Guard and then pumped him for information, looking to find ways to learn about torture methods. Actual virtual prisons were already in existence by then with Federal contractors working on testing them in private homes near Connecticut prior to that.

The other upside for criminals is that for a minimum cost, an apartment, office, or condominium can be set up to be green-zoned or controlled by using sensors that can locate people where ever they are inside. Using radar, for example, it is possible for people to locate you inside your home. From there, speakers, modified cell phones and other electronic devices can be used to target any part of your body with a message or frequency around the clock.

According to one business analyst. It is important for public figures that pour cold water on the misuse of technology that is easily demonstrated to understand that virtual prisons have been provoking people with a history of violence and mental imbalance to commit horrible acts, as well as enslaving those who do not react violently. The Florida State shooting by a lawyer and the Navy Yard shooting by a Navy IT worker are two examples of men who had problems exacerbated by gang activity that created virtual prisons around them, spurring them to fall deeper into their anger, madness, or negative behavior. President Obama’s interpreter in South Africa may have been another one. On a different level, city employees and federal contract officials have also complained about being targeted with virtual prisons, with the skew being towards those who control purse string decisions.

Emulated TMS alone is enough to scare some people. Swedish researchers just managed to show that people can be tricked using TMS into thinking that their head is on another body. As a weapon, it can combine with routines to create a great range of sensations and ailments like involuntary movement of the limbs and seizure.

As President Obama outlined, understanding the brain is of key importance to our country. The problem so far with advanced brain research and applied crime is that routines are becoming so sophisticated and powerful, that those who have access to the equipment and routines that run on that equipment can literally rule their worlds without anyone else receiving genuine opportunity.