Sometimes Bad Jesters Create The Need For Poignant Gestures

It was a significant event for the Roseburg community to have the President and Oregon’s top politicians visit and share in the grieving process. Yet, somehow missing was the ability to provide the tough answers that seemed to be a a trademark when the President first took office.

For those closer to the way that American sociology has broken over the past decade, the answer is partly tied to the frustrating experience that people have had being blindsided by technology and games that are designed to overwhelm them without any acknowledgement that they can be a problem. As the past couple of years have shown
with the Navy Yard shooting, the Florida State shooting, and now the UCC shooting, gangs and social networks have gained control of technology that makes it more difficult for individuals to avoid conflict when they do not fit in, and the problem will only grow in the future.

The past month in particular has been a highlight reel for those who use spiders or online scripts embedded in historic records to ‘play people’.

Fountains of Rubin

The time period started off with a peculiar urination on a plane incident where the flight details as well as the name and the actions of the man who urinated were already described and even put into diagrams in historical records in France and Oregon. The records are older than the incident, in some cases almost 300 years old.
Yet rewrites and a lack of provenance means that the information that was put there could have occurred at any point up through the past decade. The records exhibit some sarcasm by talking about a backless seat when the published news reports of the incident mention that the urinator fell on his back at some point, creating a
fountain-like effect. The import is that it might be difficult to fall backwards in economy class. The Oregon records specifically mention Chuck Sparks, the district attorney that is now handling the case, they mention Denali, and they mention an ice cream shop. And of course there is a record that includes ‘the sequence begins’.

The incident itself did not appear to be anything but a random occurrence. One takeaway for most people would be that the incident is showing without any tragedy how records can be played by creating a script out of a modern interpretation and populating it with people who are aware or unaware that they are being manipulated.

Can Lead to UCC

The UCC tragedy, which is still being investigated, actually was reported to be about social friction that is often experienced by young people across the country.
Unfortunately, in addition to having to contend with historical records that have been used to create problems for over a hundred years, they must also deal with modern technology like radar, sonic, and remote TMS hardware that allows people causing problems to reinforce any script that they are running by isolating and accentuating the manipulation process.

And while it will probably remain unknown as to whether or not the shooter in the UCC tragedy was ever hit by weaponry to help shape his course of action, it is apparent that the actions that he chose to undertake are recorded in French historical documents that are older than the shooting itself, making it a strong possibility that someone gamed him.

How a Game Progresses

When someone is running a spider or a game or a script, a record or book or area is read and the details are noted. “Actors” are then recruited to fulfill the script so that all details in a record that may be in another language are covered in a way that makes the record relevant in modern English. One of the keys to the success
of a game is to have records that are written in a font or a cursive style that allows for multiple interpretations of the same record. In many cases the result is several different interpretations in English and other languages. Use of puns and other devices extend the number of meanings that can be extrapolated for crews or networks. One famous example in French historical records is “Play me” Valerie Plame. In the records, there is A BPC combination, which normally means Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago in some American circles, while it can refer to royalty in others. The result is a Blame, Plame, Claim, which is roughly what happened a little over a decade ago when a covert CIA agent was outed. Is the record older than that? The French government claims that none of the records have been changed since they were digitized.

After the actors know the source record, a concerted effort is made by the group to cause the person they are ‘playing’ to conform to the behavior standard that will allow them to complete the record as an actor. This can be accomplished through coercion, shunning, and use of communication cues that make the only green light for
the target action that fulfills the record text.
With regard to UCC, there are two records that provide details about the events that occurred. The first record actually shows Mercer, murder, UCC, and various other details that match the scenario. Strangely enough, Mercer Ile is written out. Probably interpolated as mercy royal and Mercer ill, the same record has an underlying
theme that talks about a Mercer Island executive who had some problem with an au pair. Mercer Ile, which means Mercer Island in French, can also be used as it has been in scams run against venture capitalists in the San Francisco area, where the concept of a family island somewhere in their history is replicated on digital maps
by hackers so that the target is reassured that the record is valid. This record also points to a network of former Californians as being involved.

The other record, which is shown below, is not that complex either. It points to Mercer and relates that sexual or social frustration is one of the root causes of the UCC killing. It states: Levine’s Mercer Massacre’s Lord’s Disciples. Pickup escapes. UCC Black Mess because campus spider. Mercer’s helterskelter because campus
lack kiss mes. Locals all kill mes. There is likely more as that is just looking at a few words. The point of showing this second article is that although it is disturbing, it tends to confirm that there was spider or script being run by a group of people using old records as a source.

Kiss mes and Kill mes have a lot of different meanings in the rewritten French records. In one sense, they represent the Dolores del Rio-Gary Cooper film Dual in the Sun. Dolores’ character kisses Gary Cooper throughout the movie and then ends up killing him at the end. The movie is well known for being one of the first to feature the story of a bi-racial person making their way through life. Because the movie had a large cast, in California, having a family member that was part of the cast was something that many people remembered. The meaning also evolved to mean a woman that had ulterior motives for your relationship or career before your relationship started.

When both records are read, they clearly show that there is a likelihood that someone spent time reading a record and creating a drama that played itself out last week all over the world.

Working On The Problem:

Record updates and playing records appear to have played a large part in the battle between the Knights of Columbus and the Klux Klux Klan after the American Civil War. Similarly the Richmond Spiders are not called the Spiders for no reason. In the 20th century, they were used in the Cold War as well by numerous scam artists.
Since a settler’s game was built into the record set and various localities in French and American records over time, the records are still used by networks to help people become aware of their cousins.

The irony is that a business group in Los Angeles has copied all of the potential readings from the book and put it into a database of possible phrases that can be queried when you are looking for a script to work with. Getting a hold of that database would make it much easier to do like some people in France have- create a list of people that have a probability of being dumped into a record and fired up or made a victim by those who play records.

That certainly may help the Winkler family, who have had sporadic trouble when they go to Los Angeles in the past. One Winkler was gunned down in Los Angeles after a neighbor incorrectly reported that he was not the victim, but the assailant in a knife attack. Another Winkler in Santa Barbara fell off a cliff after a possible LRAD attack in Santa Barbara.

Another solution is to actually be transparent with Americans about the dangers they face. It is truly a scary time for young people. Remote TMS allows gangs to recreate any effect that is being created in the laboratory including telepathy. The problem is that although researchers in Asia were presenting prototypes using
supermagnets all the way back in 2001, the American public has heard absolutely nothing from the government about technology that can cause you to lose your moral reasoning skills according to MIT. As business networks started using it in Hawaii, on the West Coast, and in Mexico over the past decade, the number of people suffering cochlear injuries and tinnitus has gone up. As the police are stuck on the line that they do not have the equipment to effectively track people using this type of equipment, criminals can effectively do things like change testimony, change your mind, and even change the gender that you are attracted to. As was alluded to in Psychology Today, the increase from around 3 percent gay women to around 15 percent in surveys is a real head-scratcher. There may be some margin for error, but it looks like the Weird Science crews may have become statistically significant.

Radar and other equipment that is being developed for cars, bed checks, and other sensors is being used to create prisons in the cities, replete with human monitors. Because tech companies and automobile companies are including more radar than ever in their products, laws need to be enforced and amended to stop illegal applications from separating and isolating people so that they can be ‘played’.

As gangs have hit grade schools in Southern California with the above weapons and sonic, one of the questions that parents should be asking is what they would do if they were an elementary student that was talked to in class by a stranger using sonic technology originating outside the school. As many police departments have upgraded their patrol car speakers to utilize similar technology, having them provide a demonstration of directional sound is a very good way to forestall any potential future problems.

Interested or concerned parties are also always welcome to contact Pan Am One. We are readying a demonstration for schools and businesses and our Mexico offices have radar, sonic, and TMS attacks going on constantly. They are tied to a script pulled from historical records, which makes it a good place to experience the problem firsthand.

Editor’s Note:  We do not in any way condone murder as a response to any potential social problems that may arise in a person’s life and our thoughts are with the community in Roseburg.