Schiller’s List Goes Live: Directional Sound Problems? Join The ‘Do Not Torture List’

Although it came off a little bit later than promised, Morus Dei, a charitable group that takes on projects to help enhance the lives of people all over has created and put on line a document that allows individuals who would like to avoid being hit indiscriminately by radio, directional sound, weaponized TMS, and radar to become a liaison to the Vatican for their group.  Although the role carries no official duties unless the volunteer seeks to take on a Morus Dei project, it does afford a level of immunity that both governments and businesses should respect when it comes to allowing volunteers to be placed upon a ‘do not use directional sound, radar, radio, or TMS’ list within their facilities, offices, and retail establishments.

According to a spokesperson for Morus Dei, it is hard to understand why businesses and government agencies want to incur liability by stepping on religious freedoms or debilitating those with tinnitus or other medical conditions that are exacerbated by using weapons that utilize different wave frequencies as a control system.  With regard to directional sound specifically, the spokesperson pointed out that the cornerstone of the control systems used by many ancient religions was tied to directional sound and frequency.  Modern businesspeople and government workers that use such systems on people that are in or around their facility are therefore trying to recreate the ‘ancient priest’ effect in order to influence those affected.  As people that are not religious or people that subscribe to modern religion do not subscribe to belief in ancient priests, their religious freedom is being impugned.

It is thought that the strategists behind such systems being put to use in Walmart and CBP and many other businesses on the West Coast of the United States and Mexico were originally involved in war planning.  The systems that were used in Iraq, for example, proved to be regarded as an excellent war-time weapon to control neighborhoods.  When ported to civilian uses, however, they tend to devolve into a system that allows business networks, criminals, and data miners to both harm consumers and become a drag on business districts that have weapons targeting their businesses from the outside.  When taken to an extreme with mobile users outside a complex, crews appear to be trying to shutter specific businesses in order to drive down the price of the overall complex, a strategy that used to be fairly obvious when directional sound was not put to use.

According to Morus Dei, not everyone is affected and the most likely venues to get hit are tourist areas, shopping centers, and office buildings, although attacks on courthouses, jails, and public buildings have been documented.

As the effects can be debilitation, dizziness, garbled speech or misplaced words, distraction and other effects, Morus Dei has also included an area on the form that can be checkmarked to indicate that liaisons do not wish to have a medical condition aggravated.

The net results for someone who downloads the form, fills it in, prints it, and takes it to a store manager or government worker if they are being harassed is that it should help to provide legal support should their problems continue.  As Pan Am One has learned, store workers in major retail stores have been asked to ‘talk’ to customers quietly using directional sound while they are in the store in certain parts of San Diego, making deniability that much less of an option for some.

The document is in .PDF form and just needs to have a name written in, one or more options chosen, and a signature added to it in order to make it valid.

Pan Am One has committed to offering the file as a free download.  The link is right here:

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