San Diego: The Familiar “Yeah, We Don’t Know”

A few years ago when the County courthouse in downtown San Diego was attacked with sonic weapons designed for war, bystanders in the streets could hear the audio reverb off the building chiding the sheriff and county officials.  It was as if the building had been turned into a giant speaker.  There was no news report covering the problem, although the local NBC affiliate is almost across the street.  Just another day in a city that is heavily influenced by military administrators that have carte blanche to paper over any incident with excuses that don’t need to be explained:  a circumstance which is fine during wartime, but not during peace.

So when shots that were not shots were heard in the Navy Medical Center recently in Balboa Park, it is not surprising to note that the only media outlet in town that has reported on what may be the real cause, was Pan Am One.  Since LRADs and directed sound are largely a San Diego industry and the former head of the manufacturer used to explain how they are capable of fooling troops into thinking there is troop movement or action, there is a possibility that the sounds that were heard were created by either a gang or a contractor using sonic weapons.

As the Navy and civilian customers of those who sell sonic weapons and advanced radar detection systems are shy about raising public awareness to the dangers of their misuse, it is likely that incidents like this will continue.  And for those who may hear something that doesn’t work out to be what they thought they heard, don’t forget that the latest sonic technology is capable of playing tricks on even the most experienced observers.