Morus Dei Asks Pope To Look At Denial of Religious Freedom in North America

In what they describe as a perfect storm of technology being used against people that do not have economic
options, the charitable group Morus Dei is asking the Pope and the Vatican to consider factoring in and talking about real world conditions that go beyond what is traditionally published in the media when it comes to trying to
empower those who are living in areas that they are talking about supporting.

Pan Am One was able to speak with a spokesperson who had the following to say in response to questions:

So you assert that government, private business, and criminals have conspired to use technology to take away religious freedom by acting like ancient priests?

Since the late 1990’s when no-touch torture programs became a stronger reality because of technology advances in sonic and other areas, the leakage into the private sector allowed for a new form of socialization that put syndicates, fringe groups, and those ruthless enough to use that technology against their neighbors in control of whoever they decide to take on. When that group includes people from Mexico who do not currently have economic choices, the sociological carnage is much greater because they are literally forced to obey.

Because much of the neighborhood control is driven by sensors and technology that is networked into an ad-hoc Internet of things, the average person in Baja Mexico or Southern California can be easily targeted with sonic technology at their home and any place that they travel to during the day. The irony for Catholics and Christians and Muslims and Jewish people is that each religion was viewed as being an improvement over what ancient priests and religions had to offer people. So being subjected to potential non-stop sonic harassment tied to physiological reading is in direct confrontation with the rights that most modern governments supposedly afford their citizens.

How are the cards stacked against people in a way that is different from what the Pope is talking about already?

The X-Factor is technology. Morus Dei is putting together a technology demonstration that will likely shock a lot of people that are currently denying that any problem at all exists. Before we share more examples, however, we would like to encourage people that are socially responsible in technology to help out so that we can make the challenges facing people completely transparent. We believe that defining what exists will empower the average person to make better decisions regarding how to deal with potential problems in their community that were once beyond their ability to understand.

And the examples?

We will stick with the latest and focus on the geographic areas that the Pope is discussing on his current trip. The suite of technology that is being deployed is a combination of neural routines, sonic harassment, and weaponized TMS in some cases. You also have varying degrees of electronics and lasers being used directly on people to control their lives.

Sonic: According to French records, the smoking gun with regards to sonic is that the corporate trainers that showed people sonic cannon technology are also on record as showing them a ‘love’ function that is a setting that allows them to hit people with a frequency that makes them feel very good. So although it may have been unintended, what they ended up creating was a rape kit that will probably never find its way to Kickstarter. As far back as early 2001, this was used in the Pacific Northwest to create what they call “Neural servants” as per state records. In essence, a team of people can hit others through the walls of their home or apartment to make them feel sexually aroused. In one case, a building was being hit by a group of former software workers until an anti-rape group forced them out. When they are not forced out, the modus operandi is for them to make someone feel very good and then introduce them to a potential sex partner as part of a group. If they back away from that group later on, they are forced into silence with either blackmail or economic threats.

As most behavioral scientists would probably agree, using sexual feeling to lead people in different directions can be a powerful motivator. Therefore, the rape kit proponents thereafter branched in a couple of directions. For a while in Mexico and Southern California, reverse gay conversions of people that frequented clubs caused a number of people to experiment with being bi-sexual. Today, in Mexico, the focus has moved more to taking over body function. 2013 saw a breakthrough that allowed rape kit owners to create orgasms in people that were already having sex. Reduced largely to a record and playback tied to someone’s physiological readings on the part of an operator, equipment can be placed that is connected to the Internet, allowing for automation and worldwide fun for rape kit proponents.

At the same time as this new sociology was being introduced, hospitality groups from syndicates in vacation spots started using these technologies on women that they were recruiting. In one sense it represented a kindler, gentler form of control that did not involve as much violence. On the other hand, because it can be used to create violent affects like a heart attack, it makes it very difficult for someone who has no economic power to get away from it.

According to French records, sonic was also used in Mexico by US undercover teams on American and Mexican
citizens. One of the reported instances has a team with a sonic cannon attacking someone by blasting information at them so that their words bounced off the head of the target. The operators then used the latest listening technology, which we believe was being tested in conjunction with the Navy’s Monterey Defense Language Institute as a Portland-based defense contractor was seen on the site of similar attacks- to provide their own words to the local US Justice Department, which discarded them because they were also working with contractors who had superior technology which proved that the words were coming from a remote device.

In a sense there have been some improvements in the torture. 15 years ago, sonic weapon aficionados damaged a lot of nervous systems as they went along. There was also a radiance step in their programming that has now been removed because they found a way to use software-defined radio to simulate the same feelings in victims.

Radio-Frequency Cocktails: This is a popular technology in use in California-Mexico border areas. The idea behind it is that different frequencies affect people differently and so hitting them with a particular frequency will create either a platform for sonic or neural routines, or it will sensitize their nervous system, allowing for more traditional harassment through sound created by people. As it can be applied to wide areas at once, it is known as a rabbit-proof fence for people who have apparently never picked up a human rights primer. Its use has been documented in attacks on Hospira Corporation in San Diego and in National City at Southwestern College, at the library, and at the police station. As the library is right next to City Hall and the attacks occurred on more than one occasion, it would be naive to think that there was not some fore-knowledge on the part of the Mayor and the city council. A similar frequency was also used on the main thoroughfare in National City during a town festival three years ago as a potential deterrent to people that might get out of hand as the festivities progressed.

The problem with radio-frequency cocktails is:
1. The stage is set to easily debilitate a group of people that is in the wrong ‘zone’.
2. Debilitation has been the goal of most of the ‘experiments’.
3. Someone has clearly created ‘Abu-Gharabs’ for people with an eye towards improving their own product for
sale to the military and/or the government
4. Morus Dei people have observed Latin children in libraries, public settings, and apartments repeating directed sonic messages that can also be sometimes heard by the observer due to reverb. As this type of weapon is designed to debilitate, it may be more than a coincidence that all of a sudden, the rate of ADHD among Latin children is skyrocketing.

Neural Routines: A decade ago, tech bad boys were using neural routines to play cupid onsite at companies like Abbott Laboratories. A typical neural routine causes people to feel or act a certain way. As this technology spread to gangs, it diffused throughout Southern California and Mexico. Southern California today is much more focused on using neural routines to trip people up. The best time to hit someone with a neural routine is when they are distracted or tired. When used in conjunction with sonic, the technology is used to try and cause people to say what you want them to say. A decade ago, this was detectable by those they hit because it came with a tell-tale feel good element that caused people to think that what they were about to say was what they should indeed say. Still, it was particularly effective on those who were drinking or are under the influence of drugs. Today, just as the dangerous radiance step disappeared from criminal torture, the engineers that created the feel-good component have deadened the feeling so that when speech is introduced, it seems logical to the person hit without the tell-tale characteristics that make it seem artificial. It has also become a mainstay today in cities like Tijuana and California border cities where they ‘hit beds’ or try and talk and control people in their beds at night when they are tired and need to be up in a few hours for work. In Tijuana, the network is on the internet and often broadcast through speakers to the neighborhood, which in theory should make it an easy target for law enforcement.  The jury is out on whether a fully-conscious person can be instantly manipulated into saying something that they do not intend to say without stress or other conditions being present. Nonetheless, testimony has been documented as being changed in US courthouses, native speakers of English who broadcast that have spent time in Mexico or near border areas have been recorded making mistakes that are from scripts that gangs use and are only normally made by non-native speakers, and there are plenty of examples of writers being attacked and turning in stories that contain phrases from local gangs without them apparently realizing it.

Weaponized TMS: MIT has said that TMS can be used to cause people to ignore any moral reasoning capabilities that they might have. Weaponized TMS emulates the functionality on a different platform and provides attackers with the same capability. Use of this type of technology is clearly an act of war. It is not intended for neighborhood watch or for your local grocery store security team, regardless of who is embedded with them. This technology has been demonstrated in California and Mexico against both Mexican citizens and US citizens. Typically speaking, an attack will focus on creating involuntary movement or sensation without you being aware that you are making a movement or having a sensation. Simulated seizures, arm movements, and causing people to stumble near heavy traffic appear to be much of the test bed here.

So the average person in Mexico is susceptible?

Quite. Morus Dei people have witnessed Mexican people who presumably have had no previous experience being hit, being talked to using directional sound in grocery stores ostensibly by people embedded with their security. Their immediate reaction appears to have been to just obey what they were being told without any question as to who was actually telling them to do something. Their response might be considered smart. You have no options. Someone has appointed themselves as your ancient priest. Maybe you obey them in that environment and they leave you alone.

Another popular attack in urban environments is to setup a building trap to hit all points of a building and then feed people information about each other privately through the walls of their apartments using speakers or sonic, effectively putting a man in the middle in control of the building’s society. When half of Mexico makes less than $500 a month, the impact on the lives of people that are not able to get away from that type of attack means potential permanent damage and a modified way of life that isn’t compatible with their religious belief.  The fact that car radar has become ubiquitous has made this much more inexpensive to produce.

And you also claim that feminism has taken a real hit from these control systems?

In general, the Great Recession in the US caused a re-factoring of our society that meant that young people were more obliged to connect to people that already had economic power. When those people were attached to networks that used weapon systems, it added a management factor into some women’s dating and love lives that likely took them out of being self-actualized feminists, or out of sync with their own religious viewpoint- or both.

By way of example, on the US side, young people are very vulnerable. A Morus Dei supporter met a college student from the Southwest who was bright and seemed very normal. During the interview, someone hit her with a radio-frequency cocktail that made her act very sexual and it was clear to the interviewer, who has a lot of experience with people who have been hit by wave weapons that someone had groomed her over time in her off-campus apartment. The upshot for parents that pay $25,000 a year to ensure a bright future for their children is that some of them are being picked off in ways that will change their life expectations forever.

Morus Dei doesn’t have an opinion about what people end up doing with their social lives. It does know that using control systems to re-introduce slavery or management of someone else from a very large internet-connected system that stretches hundreds of miles is in fact re-introducing the ancient priesthood as an overlay to whatever religion you might subscribe to.

It is the lack of connection between reality and outcomes that is especially problematic in the US, given the upcoming election cycle. The hope is that US candidates will begin to recognize that someone ran a ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ type of operation to create conditions that are not conducive to people asserting their religious or human rights.

The Pope’s message about the dangers present in Mexico seems to be largely on target. Morus Dei simply hopes that the Vatican starts to include more specifics because both the US government and the Mexican government are still drinking the koolaid that weapons and sensor vendors have provided them with without regard for either human or religious rights at their border facilities- leaving most affected travelers with a Pilgrim’s Progress overlay affected by ancient priests.  Asking the CBP and their embedded compatriots for a look at the radar used to scan and provide haptic feedback to individual’s body parts, the neural routines that are occasionally tested on people, and a demonstration of the full capabilities of the directed sound systems that are in use might be eye-opening when it comes to understanding how religious rights are being ignored.