French Help Out, Rout Socal’s Count Junkula

It sounds rather fantastic to most people. What if the “you” that you knew as an American based upon a couple of generations of ancestors and a decent education encountered rougher waters than normal in certain geographic regions during the course of competition?

You might find a way and fight through things. Or you might look for more fertile ground in order to move ahead.

What if you found out that the scientists and academics and government contractors with access to DNA and family history databases had put enough of a picture together that people from certain families or backgrounds would be blocked by geographic networks whenever they arrive in an area?

According to French government records, this is actually something that worked out to be true in the Southern California region. A defense contractor that was attached to Navy contracts apparently tracked people that were descended from historical figures and found ways to dissuade them from making children. Those that chose to have a vasectomy or a hysterectomy ended up with their body parts being stored in jars in the basement of this contractor’s Point Loma house, a macabre reminder that if you grew up not knowing your own family history, someone else who did is likely to use it against you.

The uncovered French records are clear enough that they even provide an address to the home where the jars were supposedly stored for years. Upon visiting the home after the news broke several years ago, it was said to have been sold and cleared out, with the previous owner matching the job description of the
French records.

Pan Am One is somewhat intrigued by the notion that someone at the top of San Diego’s social food chain was able to openly treat people like laboratory animals for years, ostensibly because the ‘system’ or Metro area could not allow every Phd or MBA whose ancestors were also potentially famous at some point to make children.

So we are offering a $1000 reward for information that validates the identity of Count ‘Junkula’. Interested parties should email us at for details.