Protect Yourself Abroad and in Domestic Urban Hotels

Urban hotels and vacation places have proven to be popular areas for gangs to infiltrate and hit people with radar, sonic, and other weapons when they want to sell them something, or create problems for them.

The reason that you don’t hear about it more is that it is a major liability for hotels.  They will not likely tell you about something that would cause you to sue them.

As 4 star hotels are just as likely to get hit as motels, there aren’t always easy answers when travelers go somewhere and get hit. When it comes to annoyances, the most common way to get hit through the walls is with either a heart shot or with a sensation that makes a traveler feel like there is something crawling on them or touching part of their body.

Staying Safe

For a crawling or body-touching type of problem, you will need an oscilloscope with a wand in order to detect the waves.  An oscilloscope manufacturer demonstrated how it well it picked up and recorded an attack for our editorial staff when there were disturbances caused by through wall wave weapons at a seminar.  The record that they made of that type of harassment is exactly what you need to turn around and negotiate room changes or whatever you need.

Since most of us don’t think to bring an oscilloscope on vacation, however, one thing that has helped deflect the California heart shot for some executives is just using a piece of metal as a shield when lying down on the hotel bed or sitting in their rooms.  In Mexico and Southern California, pedestrians have noticed that the highway signs on overpasses and metal objects that are hardened aluminum or steel like license plates can block any waves or sonic blasts aimed at them.

The key to using a license plate in a hotel room is to position it flat underneath your heart as you lie on the bed.  That way it will block any potential waves.  If strange heart pain continues, you can try to put it over your heart because they might be hitting you from upstairs.  They can also hit you through any one of your walls. If the license plate works initially, but then starts to fail, it is likely the case that someone is using software-defined radio that lets them respond to any failure to change your physiological response by switching the frequency. Attack victims report that a license plate will still block the bulk of the weapon, but that they feel a strong difference hitting their body near the edges of the license plate shield.

Blame the Xbox generation or automated targeting systems, but there have been deaths from hotel room and apartment attacks on the West Coast.  When your heart is hit with a frequency, in most cases, it is your vagus nerve that they are trying to manipulate in order to palpitate your heart.  Creating a heart attack for those who have heart problems is simple.  Causing pain and increasing cancer risk in the rest of us is the other potential result of someone attacking you.

Well This Might Help

Pan Am One has a database of attacks that have occurred in hotels. So if your hotel staff is not accepting your complaints, you will soon have a published database that will help you to outline the problem.

If it remains a problem, don’t forget, targeting someone in a hotel room cost one hotel millions of dollars in the Erin Andrews case.  If you experience any discomfort, your situation won’t be dissimilar.  As a bonus, the US border patrol purchased access to equipment that can create some of the types of sensations that are being created in hotel rooms.  They would likely be happy to share information about the how you can minimize its impact when you are in a private space.