Directing Obama: Did Someone Script McKinley = Make Kin Lucy- Setting Off A Mad Dash To Rename A Mountain?

For a while, tech executives and others have been offered a service that allows them to direct others’ schedules and actions without knowing them. In some places, that has devolved into neural warfare as it has been deemed easier to use sonic and other frequency weapons to make suggestions and wage Sony-style attacks in the form of ‘bow down’ consciously or subconsciously to the local “I’ll do-what-you-saida” training camps.

A lot has changed since the end of the last two wars. Technology designed for war that pushes neural routines remotely has spawned a black market for different routines that can be loaded and used with off-the-shelf equipment, allowing urban jail makers to hit people inside their offices and homes in building to building attacks. Some neural routines are so sophisticated, the subject is unaware that they are being directed. A recent popular hit causes people to amble forward a pace or two without knowing it, almost absent-mindedly. Certain fun if they are waiting for the light to change on a busy street. There is also a routine that will trip you up without you noticing anything but the fact that your feet weren’t responding correctly, see Hillary Clinton or Christina Fernandez for potential.

In the US, the primary problem is that children and innocent people are being manipulated by weapons designed for war that have hit the street and ended up networked ‘for increased road security’ illegally. And because there continue to be blanket denials at a federal and industry level regarding their actual use, they have no idea- and no recourse even if they did.

Umm, terrorists have sonic

Surprisingly enough, although next-generation equipment continues to be tested on the public in places like Southern California, the reason it wasn’t okay to talk about the effects and the actual ‘neural war’ that some activists claim has started was that it would tip the hand of the people actually using them legally for warfare. Yet published reports indicate that the people that represent terrorist regimes are also in possession of the same type of technology that is creating a social Darwin effect in some areas. At Pan Am One, we recognize that Darwin-like competition happens, yet do feel that it should never be allowed to be machine or weapon-aided.

Direction isn’t new

There are two distinct problems. One is an attack that denies someone the ability to concentrate or creates conditions that alter their physiology towards someone else’s ends. The second is a more sophisticated event series that has been part of the landscape for hundreds of years. In the second situation, it is common to use words like names or events and re-read them to elicit new meaning and then try and change conditions so that the target acts out those newly created meanings. That type of direction, when not weapon-aided, is actually sometimes benign embarrassment.

Denali llama man

Some people in the tech industry smelled a rat when a rename Mt. McKinley effort, which was most recently championed by Lisa Murkowski, was picked up and then turned into reality by President Obama on the heels of his trip to Kenya. While President Obama was on his trip to Africa, he seems to have been subjected to a directed prank whereby he was shown the bones of Lucy as his ancestor. Lucy is probably an ancestor to all of us- and the prank wasn’t the honor of seeing her bones. Instead it was tied to an old device Americans used with Scottish names. It was therefore a pretty good day for the entourage until someone probably circulated information that showed that McKinley can also be rendered as Make kin Lucy. Even more intriguing, a tech worker on the West Coast, whose name could be rendered close to Denali llama (name) man or deny Dalai Lama man was near a group of potentially related people that have played names for fun for a number of years. And on the heels of the trip to Alaska, a return flight from Alaska to the same location as the worker that can render to Denali llama man carrying Jeff Rubin, which can render to Jef2 Rubin or Jef2 Burin or Jefe Club Urine, featured Jeff waking up and subconsciously urinating on some seats near him. Using the same system, Jeff Rubin can also be changed to JefCherubin or Jefcupido or Jeff mess up the seat upside. All of which had some people asking who was driving the proverbial bus when it came to
actual events. The truth is that for most people, schedules are set well in advance. So it is also possible that the people wanting to have some fun did so knowing that there it would be short-lived if it were ever discussed.

But seriously…

One reason that sonic and neural weapons have wreaked havoc in neighborhoods is that crews have been sold the idea that they too can direct people using this technology, just as American soldiers were charged with pacifying Iraqis in their homes during the Iraq war. The physical effects are debilitation and distraction. The long-term effects are still unknown.

And when you consider the fact that even 50 years ago, people were quite effective using scripts alone to predict events, the likelihood of you prevailing over job competition that uses a crew to flat-line your opportunity or area competition that tries to control a neighborhood or district is not that good.

RFK death warning provided key ‘direction’ clues

Consider the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Behind the scenes, the NSA and other agencies found at least two family names of innocent West Coast people that had details of the assassination ensconced in their name. Cast under suspicion by people searching for answers, it turned out that both families were fervent Kennedy supporters. Today, a Kennedy speech on the death of Martin Luther King frames his monument, an interesting choice of words. The speech starts with the name Aeschylus, which is normally translated in messaging to i’s kill us or the ayes kill us. This can be displayed as iiqlus or I equal you, I call you, I clue you, I kill you.  When you un-encrypt that phrase, it points to several clues describing what would happen to RFK in general terms- including how someone is being played into the level of anger or craziness necessary to harm another person.  The speculation among people commenting upon why RFK did not read the warning correctly is that the LA person that supposedly sent it to him had the clues off by a vowel, making the first step something that they would have had to guess in order read the entire message.

Direction + Sonic = Neural War

Because it is a threat that has put a class of people together that certainly haven’t earned the right to direct other people, Pan Am One has partnered with Morus Dei, a charitable group and is supportive of Morus Dei’s announcement that it will start posting actual wave weapon events that have occurred over the past 15 years in an online museum for victims. The details will be there but the actual names will only be available upon inquiry.   The idea is to share details and to make it easier to help people understand danger that they were not being told about.