Seth Sentry, Pan Am One Artist of the Month

Seth has been growing larger in the public eye in Australia for at least the last 7 years or so.  Audiences in the Asia-Pacific region are therefore very familiar with his ‘being mistaken for Greg’ and his crush on a waitress that led him to put up with less than stellar restaurant service.  Yet like all acts that command attention when they get started, he faced a challenge in putting out the followup to his 2012 release.  Fortunately, although it took a while to release and then make its way to presentation in the Americas, the critical feedback for his latest effort has been quite positive.  

He was already known for his layered lyrics and delivery that made each song a one act play.  With the latest album, the lyrics are even sharper, while the melodies that accompany them are more complex and mature.  The net result is a congratulations from Pan Am One and recognition as this month’s artist of the month.