New Administration: A Civilian’s No On Psy Cams

By AntanO - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By AntanO – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Although the Obama administration finished with a track record of success in the economic areas that matter the most to Americans, the human rights abuses that started during the Afghan war continued domestically- and even expanded as technology got into the hands of more and more of the private sector.

Here is a recap of some of the recent types of problems related to weapon


Remote Rape Kits:

If your urban area has been wired for sound or radar response complete with sensors, your urban dwelling is at risk of being put in a jail by those that are radio savvy.  They can map the inside of your home remotely and then set up sensors and sonic equipment to consistently hit you anywhere in your house.  Worse, as the equipment is internet capable, crews can add equipment that emits frequency signals that will be sent to the synapses of your private parts, causing you to orgasm prematurely or blocking your capability of having an orgasm.  Because crews that use this equipment set up shop without telling you who they are, they are committing rape in order to gain sexual control over you.  If you have access to any hardware engineers as acquaintances, it is possible to locate the source of the waves and have the owner sued and the equipment removed.

At Pan Am One’s offices in Mexico in a modest neighborhood, crews use this type of equipment consistently in the area.  We are therefore embarking upon a a reporting effort to isolate and negotiate to have it shut down.  We will also attempt to demonstrate it so that people  that may be affected can understand it.

Urban dwellers should note that orgasm makers are not bad if they are approved for sale and used with the consent of both parties.  The problem here is that complete strangers that are by default predators, are using them over the internet, making your next sexual experience a potential “Hostel” experience where people line up to use the equipment on you.  Another problem is that the people that are using the equipment often use it like spy agencies used to, to give unsuspecting partners orgasms with someone they are with so that they will like them.  They can then maneuver them into position to do what they want.  Typically speaking, in Mexico, a hidden camera is in place that records the action

Pre-parsing equipment:

A large danger for people of all ages, the formula for processing the thoughts of people that are surrounded by sensors has been perfected by spy agencies and the military for quite some time.  The know-how escaped into the civilian world last decade and the US has not been quite the same.  Journalists, writers, and other public speakers have had phrases planted along with neural routines that cause the speaker to feel that what they are about to say is what they actually intended to say.  President Obama was supported by Berkeley scientists after he pledged to ensure that this type of proliferation did not occur.  Instead, his administration ignored warning signs across the nation as different groups gained control of the capability of making people say what they wanted them to.   They did shut down access to funding for police purchases of equipment like this, and they did add funding for brain research that would enable potential defense systems.  Yet for every assurance, there were signs that someone with equipment was using it against the public.  In one of President Trump’s campaign speeches, he mentioned 7/11 erroneously and people wondered how he made that mistake.  It was probably a simple mistake.  At the same time, that type of miscue can be made into a fairly common occurrence.

To combat this technology, we would encourage President Trump to acknowledge that it exists, is in the wrong hands, and should be something that we don’t tolerate in civilian life.  It is another clear example of spy technology being ported to the business and political world.

In the mood for…

In the past, in places like San Diego, radio cocktails were a combination of a radio field that hit a subject and made them relaxed and debilitated.  Like a limited ASMD effect.  They would then be hit simultaneously by people using sound to try and influence them.  This progressed as equipment got more sophisticated to the point where if a person was distracted, tipsy, faded, or stressed, a simple combination wave could make their mood change temporarily while they were cued with information to disseminate.  In essence, a modern oracle.  Which is telling because it was more than 20 years ago that psy cam and other manufacturers of spy gear that could influence opinion met on Mykonos to plot strategy.  Supposedly, out of those meetings came an idea to prove the technology by pulling male hetero visitors away from their wives to make them gay.  Reports from Greece during that time period show that travel agents became aware of the strange activity and frequent success and warned single male travelers not to go.  Of course those people are gone now and Mykonos is a wonderful place to visit.

In today’s world, San Diego and Tijuana are a good example of what happens when contractors control the agencies that are in charge of enforcement.  A cross-border network exists in each city, administered by a defense contractor, or a group of defense employees working to build something new on their own.  The radar and motion coverage is complete in many areas, making it difficult to walk on a sidewalk without getting hit.  When frequency changes are built into the equipment, it is possible to talk to that person in their own personal space, cause them pain in a variety of different body areas, or run neural routines that cause them to involuntarily respond.  The biggest danger for pedestrians inside and outside of retail stores is that they will be sensored and have their data stored in an AI database that is attached to parts of the network.  When that happens, their information is parsed and they end up with some automation spit back at them that will seek to expand upon queries that were made earlier.

The technology isn’t that exotic, it is primarily trying to map brain readings to phrases, thoughts, and experience.  When it puts those things together, it attempts to direct the conversation or create relevancy that allows for more discovery.  Because AI is normally the domain of large companies, you can guess that there is a multi-million dollar payoff for the first set of plaintiffs that pulls back the curtain on systems like those that exist in California.

Psy cam fun:

Used since the mid 1970’s, when former Tektronix employees put together prototypes for the CIA, psy cams created a remote dream experience that could seem real to the person who was sleeping.  In the 1980’s, William Casey’s CIA officers hit parts of Portland with experimental ‘dreams’.  Typically intended to send a message, they advanced in the 1990’s and 2000’s to the point where they can send a message in a vision when a person’s eyes are closed, or create a dream that seems real.  They are now in the hands of corporate executives.  To their credit, the use of psy cams outside of tourist areas remains strictly to send a message that is often a warning.  Inside tourist areas, however, they have been used to try and change hetero people into gay people and gay people into hetero people during the course of their normal night’s sleep.

The key to resolving a psy cam experience if you are ever hit with one is to rationalize your dreams in general for a while.  If something seems odd, it is likely because it was intended to be out of place.  It should be helpful to remember that the latest science advances allow researchers to access the optic nerve directly, making it possible in the future for your vision to be augmented while you are awake or have your eyes open.