Trump And The FBI

There has been a lot of posturing going on over the past few weeks in Washington regarding the investigation of the election.  Since it seems to be the province of a privileged few in the press corps to actually understand what is going on without passing it on in a plain fashion to members of the public, we’ll go ahead and provide some explanations that might clarify some of the positions being taken thus far.  Below is an interview with editor, David Gass regarding the ongoing melee:

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes!”  What is up with the back and forth between Comey and Trump?  

Yeah.  I once sat in a meeting where the speaker predicted that someone would be murdered and gave the details.  I immediately said… look…do not talk like that.  Later,  I noticed that the same person was predicting other negative things that were actually happening, so I ‘teased’ or leaked it out that I had tapes of the original conversation in order to put an end to the predictions and to ensure that everyone knew that fulfilling that type of prediction wasn’t the best idea.  Within a few months, someone leaked that I had tapes to everyone and so someone published that an opportunistic group of Levy’s [Editors note: published, but not necessarily true] that were not from the West Coast had flatlined my career by scheduling me to be hit by a skynet version of 3d sonic that was backed by AI.  The mantra apparently: no more Dick Nixons making tapes.

So, although the sonic attacks did occur and my career and social life were scorched for a couple of years, it was not necessarily who the report said it was that initiated the action.  Similarly, the predicted murder occurred as described and was published in the newspaper- but that too was later called into question.  The upshot is that the software company that we worked with had made the tapes.  I teased that I had them because I needed the company to keep those tapes and ensure that the data did not change on them.  If they thought I had tapes, they couldn’t change their tapes.

I did not create the tapes and did not have the tapes.  I was punished for nothing really- other than thinking it could stop a murder.

The point when it comes to Trump and Comey is that I believe that Trump is saying that his campaign was illegally spied upon by Obama’s administration using the latest sonic technology.  The administration therefore did have tapes at some level from Trump Tower through their routine and special investigations.  Even if the disclosures came from agents in place inside Trump Tower, they still violated election law.

The problem, as the Trump Administration may be framing it is that Obama implemented a form of pre-cogging technology that has been in the field since the Iraq war.  CBP uses it.  The FBI uses it.  DOJ uses it.  The CIA used it in the 1990’s.  As Trump was a business person and not a politician, his campaign was probably not used to having people steal or process their information on behalf of the US government.

The latest disclosure by the former Obama administration that the CIA offered a special warning about Putin just serves to validate the notion that the agents inside Trump Tower and likely certain executives had their physiology and information pulled using technology that is plainly illegal to use on a business.  It would also probably horrify the SEC if they knew how it was actually being used.

So it is a ‘Witch Hunt’?

Well, we are just interpreting here and not taking any sides.  I think that ‘Witch Hunt’, of course, refers to Salem and the strange goings on there. It also, however, refers to the multi-century war between forces wanting to develop sonic technology and those trying to stop it.

The full reference is that John Kerry’s ancestor wrote several reports to the governor and the king about what happened in Salem.  In his report to the king, he actually explained how rabble rousers from London used sonic technology to cadence and control the young women until they were fairly hysterical.  He also painstakingly describes the tapping that they do.  In San Diego, for decades, they have hit people with radio frequency that causes a certain physiological effect and then tapped using hammers or rocks or boards or fists in order to cadence people.  In short, the right radio frequency opens someone to programming using vibration.  The biggest use in Southern California used to be prostitution. In the old days in Salem, Massachussetts, they were said to use quartz or other materials as part of a rudimentary design to create the radio frequency that would make it easier to affect someone.  My ancestor in France supposedly sent someone undercover to investigate Salem- and they apparently turned up the materials that were being used to enhance the tapping and pounding that was going on.

So when Trump says, it is a witch hunt, he obviously likely means that there is a public version and a private version.  In the private version, the government is guilty of sabotaging a campaign by stealing its information using technology that is not germane to the campaign and then justifying it after the fact.

The problem for the government in this instance is that their contractors that have access to this type of technology for narrow purposes such as investigations are very famous for misusing it in the fashion described above:  get the right to gather info on one topic and then pull all info and pre-cog or find fault in another area.

Is it possible that the FBI is lying about their knowledge?

Well, like the armed forces, the FBI gets the benefit of a lot of Hollywood positive press.  You might be surprised to find out that a spot check found that over 50 percent of DEA agents in New York a few decades ago were dirty by virtue of the fact that they answered to organized crime.  It is probably better for the FBI depending on the department, but now that they are not part of the Treasury department they no longer have the moral high ground to fall back on when it comes to their overall mission.

The short answer in one large example is that they will lie when it suits them.  Look at the JFK assassination.  A telex was sent to New Orleans.  A report was filed by an FBI file clerk.  It said “JFK in imminent danger in Dallas”.  The report was ignored or not acted upon.  JFK was shot.  The FBI said, “There was no FBI fax or telex.”  The file clerk was pushed out and his story disbelieved for decades.  The truth:  the telex did exist, although it was not from the FBI, it was from Jackie’s family inside and outside the US.  So after the assassination.  because they chose to not disclose the whole truth, it looks like a fail on the part of the FBI- a coverup.

According to sources, Jackie retained a copy of the telex-  proof that the system can sometimes be bigger than those it is supposed to work for.

With regards to the Trump investigation, the former Obama administration’s reticence to admit that it was using weapons of war as business surveillance tools may destroy any case that it thought that it did have.  In Argentina, those types of weapons are considered to be against the Geneva convention.  They are also outlawed in Russia.

Will a new FBI director be able to avoid the mistakes inherent in the old model or system?

Actually, when President Bush created an immense silo out of the defense and investigative parts of government, a delicate web of checks and balances was destroyed.  For the past decade and a half a lot has been done to make this silo into an investigative eye of Sauron.  Very little has been done to reinsert quality or oversight into the process until the final years of the Obama administration.

For the new director, if they can recognize that for some people, the only way that they can get justice is for them to rely upon private IAD-like structures inside the FBI and other Homeland Security agencies, they should be able to create quality assurance that destroys the distributed teapot dome that is not led by the executive branch, but by entrenched business networks attached to contractors. Until that happens, you can expect to see more scenarios that mirror what happened during the election.

We’ve said it before. Our business offices are reported on by AI backed sonic that is broadcast to police and government agencies and business competitors. The net result is that we have zero intellectual property rights beyond what has been developed and published already. We’ve been told that someone is investigating the neighborhood one of our offices is in with covert technology designed to pull in the same fashion Trump Tower would be covered in. There is no crime or investigation related to our firm, yet the information is stolen and broadcast continuously- a government wikileaking actually.  The current feedback from federal law enforcement is:  1.  The system exists and is being used by several agencies, 2. There are several points where the system generates readings of angry executives that know they are being surveilled.  They tend to complain about dialog that is unspoken, but generated by the AI.  In effect, they are pre-cogging people using physiology and not spoken words, allowing our executives to Pavlov the system, exposing its weaknesses. So the other suggestion for the new director is to find out how many Trump Towers and Imaginots there actually are out there and make a public arrest that short circuits corrupt officials.