Who Pretended To Giftwrap Abbottabad For Obama, Embedding Details In His Name?

In one of the more complex news stories of recent years, at least three ingredients come together to point to an authorless effort to ensure that Barack Obama got credit for taking down Osama bin Laden. Apparently, someone’s intelligence forces got to the strongman’s entourage in 2004 and influenced the later move to Abbottabad, creating a map that was embedded in future President Obama’s name.

The result: Parackosdn Muhammed

It has been noticed by more than a few pundits that if you flip the b in former US President Barack’s name and make it a p, you come up with the message:

Pakistan Muhammed obey Muhammed Obama, Barrack Obbtabad, Osama.

What hasn’t been discussed is the notion that when you add a couple of signposts, you get a message that shows that there was some planning to get to this point.  In addition to planning, there is even a message that claims that Barack’s purported association with a Hollywood Aga Khan Muhammed license from Aly Khan that was supposedly vicariously applied at some point in the past netted him a map to Osama.  Of course, at that point, if you go much beyond that, you will be coming close to paralleling conspiracy theorists that claim that candidate Bernie Sanders exposed a Kenya contractor payment to a young Barack that marked the beginning of a US policy push through Reagan’s Casey to create CIA Shiites that would serve as oil on the water in the region and bring stability to countries that had burgeoning Muslim populations in Asia.  Following that thread, the story usually says that Elliot Abrams and other Neo-cons encouraged this growth of influence, to calm the flames of terrorism.  According to these people, the result was a safer world.
Critics, of this theory, who may be no less daft, point out that the Shiite population of Asia was already quite stable politically in many regions, making the strategy unnecessary.  They instead point to financial opportunity and ‘royalty’ recognition as incentive.  They tend to point out that on Barack’s last China visit, China security detailed him from 6 to 3 to 1 people in his presence during talks, mirroring the title page of the French Koran which contains historic Muslim and Jewish Levy royalty info.  They say the Chinese agreed to recognize Barack as a 1 or a king as per the French Koran and a prior agreement- thus fulfilling the vision of the people that sought greater influence with the Shiite Muslims in the region.

The planning:  Lincoln signature =  jaslincolnbin

For some it seems a little bit wild that they could pinpoint Osama’s location years before it happened.  On the other hand, when you take a classic President Lincoln signature done by one of his secretaries and read between the lines, you can end up with an interpretation that states that someone matching Obama’s description will have the location of Bin Laden added to his name because another person’s muhammed was de-linked from their name and given to Obama for political purposes.

For the record, the NSA and many companies can find a statement or signature that can say anything about anything.  So if you are wondering why that one signature matters, it is because someone in Washington has used this particular signature record before in reference to Democrats, increasing the probability that it was in front of the eyes of an analyst when the Pakistan move to Abbottabad was first envisioned.

Reporting on plan execution: Legal document signature 

Of course, in addition to it’s prior use, the Lincoln signature was also pointed to in a legal document dated February 23, 2009.  The gist of this signature is that someone indeed used the Lincoln signature to put Osama in place in Pakistan so that it would match Obama’s name.  In addition, it says that the planning for a Pakistan raid is going on right now, today- kind of a historical marker that predates the actual published story that everyone knows.

The upshot is that it looks like someone used existing symbols and signatures to document the fact that they were putting Osama into place for Obama’s administration to capture.  And whereas this isn’t that unusual in the history of warfare, what is unusual is that they used Obama’s name to embed the location of Osama.

Finally, the parties also appear to have taken a swipe at some of the other people related to the documents:  the creators and those that were mentioned, in a Bobby Kennedy assassination type of attack.  After Bobby Kennedy was killed, a few names of Americans were pulled based on their content.  When reading between the lines, it could be shown that they both described the assassination in advance.  They therefore helped to exonerate some of the people accused of being involved in a conspiracy to kill him.
In other words, the people that signed and were involved in creating these documents did not actually become part of a conspiracy to paint Obama’s name with Osama’s location.  Instead, it was a group of people that pulled information based upon its secondary or tertiary meaning and then executed an operation.