Neural War Update:  Did 755 Trigger An Agreement?

In Unix, 755 is an indication that the owner has create, execute and read rights while the members of the group and the general public can access the the directory that they need to in order to read the file in question.

Recently, when Mr. Putin of Russia determined that around 755 of the US overseas State department employees in Russia needed to leave, some people were left wondering if there wasn’t some sub-text attached to the measure.

For a group of people that claims that Neural War is already upon many world urban areas, the proverbial second shoe dropped when President Trump admitted that in Cuba, both American and Canadian diplomats had been hit recently in a series of chronic sonic attacks that left them debilitated.

The upshot was that suddenly, there were things to discuss regarding 755. Does 755 mean that Putin caught the US in a sonic attack that was the equivalent of an organized looting of Russian minds? And what was Putin saying, that the attack was 755- or that 755 is all that should be allowed? For simplicity’s sake, it is also possible to chronical 775 attacks and 757 events when you use the unix metaphor:

  • 755 attack:  You, the individual can think and create what you want – 7, but sensors can read and interpret what you are thinking over time.  That capability is both the government – 5, and the public or private businesses and criminals – 5.  You are therefore data compromised.

Example:  You work for NMCI and handle sensitive data.  You were cadenced using sonic 1 [see below] and now people use sonic 2 and 3 to pull your data outside work.  You can no longer work for NMCI.

  • 775 attack:  You can think and create what you want – 7,  government sensors and equipment can think and create what they want you to think [sometimes without you knowing it] as well as reading what you do think – 7, the public or private business sees this as being you making a mistake publicly -5.

Example:  Your testimony in court is changed by a court-related technician while you are giving it.

  • 757 event:  You can think and create what you want -7, the government sees the event as being something you created -5, while private business or individuals or gangs are able to cause you to think and say what they want -7.

Example:  A man goes to get a new style MRI and comes home with a new love for Johnny Cash music.  Fairly inexplicable because he was never interested in Johnny Cash before.

The message that may be being sent by both President Putin and President Trump is that instead of hiding attacks and capabilities like previous administrations have, it is better to confront the fact that a new type of warfare is being used and that the technology has leaked into the hands of criminals.

As for whether or not President Putin would tolerate 755 attacks, it is the case that CBP, the US Customs and Border Patrol currently allow other government bodies to use equipment against travelers that creates 755 attacks within their facilities.  It might make sense from a government perspective to therefore accept snooping like this when it comes to the diplomatic circus. On the other hand,  from a corporate perspective, the current security infrastructure surrounding sonic and neural attacks and events is woefully inadequate.  Information is held up because of national security- and the famed CIA contractors that work with financial aquifiers have been playing corporate and individual favorites for decades,  filling their private patrons pockets while stealing from those not involved with them.  So it is in the best interest of the average business owner to want to see domestic enforcement of zero government and private ‘individual hacking’ rights outside of government facilities.

A sonic primer:

There are a lot of real stories about how sonic has been trafficked around the world. The California heart shot was supposedly used by National City, California gangs before crossing the border to Mexico and then moving on to Argentina, where the former President, Nestor Kirchner, was allegedly hit by Mexican gang members.  Whether he was hit or not, he certainly helped enact a law banning sonic attack weapons.

Since radio, sonic, and neural weapons have been in development for decades if not centuries, there are different levels of attack in the marketplace today. The advent of software-defined radio in Southern California last decade made it possible for attackers to choose their frequency when they created an attack when they had the right hardware. Radar targeting lifted from the defense industry around the same time period created the capability of hitting someone within their office or home or on the street individually on a continuous basis when the nodes of the network were connected to the Internet. The net result is an IOT network in Southern California and Baja California that stretches for hundreds of miles. Depending on the hardware at each site, it is possible to completely debilitate someone in a sidewalk attack or an attack akin to the Hostel movie series where people are isolated in a room and tortured by an Internet audience.

Strange, then, that the number of arrests in most metropolitan areas with regards to this type of attack is at around zero. Stranger still that personal injury lawyers remain mum.  Perhaps the silence is partly because using radio and sonic to strategically winnow the herd has been a tradition for decades.  Even lawyers’ crews are famous for using them.

The ‘chomp’ gun was developed a couple of decades ago as a rabbit-proof fence for prostitutes.  It does one simple thing.  It causes someone who is targeted to snap their jaw closed in varying levels of strength.  If you sleep with your mouth open and are hit, you are in danger of severely damaging your tongue as you clamp your jaw shut.  The original idea was that a prostitute would reconsider their interest in providing a blowjob for money if they might accidentally snap their jaw shut when hit.  In practice today, it is used more for controlling prostitutes. i.e. You may provide blowjobs, but if you disobey, we will hit you with the chomp gun.  Currently, the chomp gun is used throughout Baja California Norte.  Like other routines that are neural, it has been emulated and ported to IOT mini satellite dishes that can burst radio at targets through the walls of buildings in urban areas.

Here is the Pan Am One Sonic Attack Classification Scale:

Sonic 1:

Used since the Malta caves 10,000 years ago, it involves using drugs, gas, or radio frequency to sensitize a person’s nervous system before hitting them with vibration by pounding or tapping or satellite dish.
The net effect in the here and now using the National City version is a debilitation that approximates a section 508 person with a cognitive disability being hit with directional sonic to influence them.

For those in the Southern California border region that grew up on a cocktail of radio frequency and vibration through pounding with hammers or other instruments, there is cadencing damage that can create security nightmares for people that employ them because they may not recognize when they are being cued.

Examples:  Salem witches and Post World War 1 Europe where radio research and sexual sonic research using radio created a huge backlash that in part fueled the rise of Hitler after he purportedly complained about it in the title Mein Kampf. Satellite testing from the 1950s to about 2009 amongst private parties also is blamed for ‘firing up crazies’ and tracking over thought processes in some well-known incidents. The Navy Yard shooting and the Florida State shooting are two documented attacks where there was sonic interference prior to the defendants going crazier.

Sonic 2:

A technology that came into its own in the 1990s. A key difference is that it is cleaner in form than sonic one. People that are hit do not visibly become tired unless it is used with radio or other frequencies as part of a cocktail. Until the end of last decade, however, in the private version, some crews continued to use a radiance step or weaponized TMS to create a more palpable subject.

Examples: Cadencing with AI and sonic two has been used to create non-stop debilitation that can blur the lines between what a subject thinks and a subject thinks that they think- but is actually provided for them. Currently, the ‘Mexichurrian’ potential phenomena alluded to by Ruben Navarette may or may not describe the actual practice. Nonetheless, since 2010 there have been active systems in Baja California that insert words and phrases into people’s thought processes using ‘silent sonic’- something that has shown up on television broadcasts when Americans use phrases with Americans that native speakers of English would never use. Pushing neural routines over a wave weapon as part of a sonic cocktail is another popular iteration. The most famous neural routines are part of the Asian Kitten creation boom that started in the 1990s in high tech firms and was never reported on. Essentially, victims feel like they would like to preen or like they are suddenly sexual or even that they have whiskers as a result of neural mapping being sent to them via a piece of hardware. Pan Am One is supporting the band, the Asian Tumbler Kittens in putting out a music video that details how this 1990’s practice has now spread to children. Also included in this category is sexual sonic, or underground orgasmatrons that have been developed for both males and females since the 1990’s. Although originally, testing was focused on making the male member or clitoris be more erect during sex, the past decade has seen a number of systems that can create or deny an orgasm while a person is having sex.  Use of these systems with covert sex professionals and prostitutes has proven to be controversial. The most popular implementation in urban areas is to use it as a rape kit and then send people to meet the now groomed individual. Another use is to introduce people to augmented orgasms and then try and program them with sonic routines while they are having sex. The idea is to isolate and control them- in some instances with a sonic or radar prison surrounding their home or apartment. Why the FDA fell down on this particular type of sonic attack weapon is normally largely attributed to the black market drafting off of what is said to be legitimate development and use by government coverts.

Finally, in urban zones where sonic is prevalent, visitors may notice that people around them seem much better equipped with information about themselves than they otherwise could be without sonic relay. Sonic relay uses big data or BI to pull data about people entering a zone and sends it to people they encounter with a sonic beam as the visitor arrives at their business. Results have been mixed in Southern California and Mexico for those using it. It is a felony in both countries and the customers that are aware of their hosts’ new informational power often opt never to return to that business establishment again- a clear sign that the programs are not created by legitimate business advocates.

Sonic 3:

The province of only a few companies in North America currently, sonic 3 attacks are noted for being the cleanest type of attack because the individual has no idea that they are being attacked at all. Therefore cognitive attacks create entire thoughts that the individual receives and applies or acts upon without thinking that there might actually be something strange about what is going on. This has been done with both sonic and weaponized TMS.

When the attacks are directed at the nervous system, entire routines can be run. So instead of a sonic 2 attack where an individual feels like creepy insects are crawling on them or they blink continuously, a victim might do a series of actions like put their hands in their pockets and bow their head while listening. The effect is so clean that victims report a sensation that is planted like a need to do something followed by execution of those actions and then a small feeling of accomplishment. This type of attack maybe what some countries like Russia and the US are quietly trying to regulate because it gives financial people and corporate spies and criminals the capacity of changing entire landscapes without lifting a finger.

Examples:  Not published due to national security.