Cortes’ Secret Peanut Plan To Restore Nahua Rule

The next time that you decide to cook a turkey in peanut oil, think back to the Mexican or Aztec scientists that probably did the same thing at some point in the past 2000 years. It may help give you some perspective on how much of the food in the Americas came roaring up from the South.

Cacahuates, or peanuts are one of the more famous foods of the Americas. Introduced to Cortes when he arrived, there is a partial love story surrounding peanuts that shows the Spanish flair for integrating politics and conquest as they campaigned to be accepted in Mexico.

The surface story on Cortes was that he arrived and met a group of slave girls- and out of all of those picked out Malinche to help him with translation. She did and became his lover and confidante, helping him to take over Mexico in the process.

Behind that story, however, is another version, that credits a Catholic priest who had been shipwrecked in the area for a couple of decades before Cortez arrived. Of course there were also intelligence officers from the Holy Roman Empire that were in Mexico in advance of the expedition as well. What they may have turned up was that cacahuate was a potent symbol that could help Cortes show the natives that he was on their side. Malinche was actually a Nahua maiden from a once powerful tribe that created the Mexican capital. Today, however, they were relatively poor, paying tribute and trading with the new rulers, the Aztec.

Because cacahuate can be read as: Cacique, Nahua, Malinche, Cortes, and Coatzicoatl when it is broken apart into syllables, there are those that say that the shipwrecked priest or the Holy Roman Empire advance guard picked Malinche’s family specifically to match cacahuate. After all, Cacique was a Nahua man who was Malinche’s father. If the Catholic conspirators did use cacahuate, they told no one but the commander, Cortes, who appeared to just choose her- but was secretly already informed of the cacahuate or peanut plot.

The idea was that Cortes as the god Coatzicoatl would take over Mexico with Malinche and overthrow the Aztec, restoring the Nahua to a position of strength.
When you analyze the word further, you can see that it also says that the Aztecs are poo poo landlords [actually not the rightful landlords, the Nahua built Mexico] and that the Nahua should attack the Aztecs. The amusing thing is that those phrases are in Spanish as if Malinche has actually assumed control and started to send out secret instructions to her people. She may have, but it may also have been planned in advance for her.

And whether you believe all of this or not, the word cacahuate was in use for hundreds of years by the locals. Just sharing a peanut with the locals, then, could immediately explain the situation to the entire group.

So, although Malinche is often defamed in Mexico for selling out to Spain, the spies that put a program together to create Cachuate unity might point out that she started out as an Aztec slave girl. She ended up being a royal Nahua and Spanish lady.