Courageous Project Kicks Off On Time

Starting tomorrow, a new project that will create a victim and investor owned company that mitigates some of the sonic and neural warfare, damage, and pollution created by the tech industry will come online.  Known as the Courageous Project, it will offer victims of control or sexual sonic programs that were run in private companies or on public populations ownership in the form of a license that will convert later to stock or cash.  It will also collect money from tech companies that are interested in supporting the development of a community space that is devoted to educating people on the dangers of oscillation in the workplace and home.

The upshot is that as tech workers, thousands of men and women were exposed to weapons of war derivatives that were developed under US government contracts.  Because the US government agencies that had that technology allowed it to be proliferated, neural and sonic warfare got brought into the workplace before it was picked up and used by criminals and governments around the world, while those that were hit continued to be kept in complete ignorance of the danger around them.

The new company that victims and other investors receive stock in will start out with 4 lines of business initially:

Sensored:  A sensor that can detect and locate any frequency signal that is hitting your location and map it back to its source location as well as record and decrypt the signal.


Safe Phire: A device that can create orgasms in men and women remotely.  As current iterations are used as rape and control kits by gangs and pimps, the idea is that an FDA-approved alternative will be something that allows families to have the option take back the bedrooms in their home from urban home invaders.


Zahpah:  A building sensor that will:  kill all insects and rodents entering a building and detect and block any sonic or other frequency attack that has an origin outside the building.


AuralP: A recording system that can pickup ambient mall, store, sidewalk and home noise when a neighborhood broadcaster uses illegal speakers, sonic, or neural threats against a community.


The interpretive center and a large fountain outside will focus on celebrating the lives of victims as they would be had they not been harmed, as well as showcase the dangers of allowing sexual or control sonic in the workplace.  Most of the recorded satellite and wave weapon attacks in the workplace have been made to groom sexual partners, perform espionage, or exert control to compete or knock workers out of their jobs.
We spoke with David Gass of Imaginot about how the project is progressing:


Q:  So the plans that you have announced for the Courageous project represent one of the more audacious corporate and community offerings ever put together.  It certainly looks like you are combining a class-action lawsuit with a startup….?


A:  The idea is that people will realize that they have been lied to since the the beginning of the century- and in many cases longer about the danger that sonic and neural attacks pose and look for solutions that assuage some of their concerns. Legally, because a lot of the tech sexual kittening went on during the 1990s, there are quite a few victims that may realize what happened, but are not able to take on a company’s legal team.  What we offer victims is a team of lawyers that are working with companies to create settlements that will be applied to victims monetarily and in the form of funds that will be used to create products that are owned by the victims that will make industry and neighborhoods safe from the type of attack that they have already experienced.
It is important for them to know that they can be controlled sexually or just told what to do by sonic or neural routines without you knowing it.  A few years ago, a Guardian newspaper reporter went to a hospital and someone use an advanced MRI machine to send his body instructions while he was sitting there.  He ended up supposedly absent-mindedly trying to grab the nurse’s butt without actually realizing it. The test was to show him that weaponized magnetics or medical equipment can control your body in extraordinary ways.  Today, that test can be ported to a satellite and simulated as magnetics with a filter.  And since we developed and tested some of these routines almost 60 years ago, maybe its time that we had some commercial equipment that allows companies and individuals to avoid that type of attack.


Q:  It is sort of shocking that people can be ‘Manchurianed’ without their knowing it?


Yeah, I first became aware of it when I was two.  I was ‘Claube’d by some people that were CIA contractors in a satellite test that had me as a victim tied to a bed so that they could hit me in the head with a ‘death ray’.  They used control audio on my sister to get her to complain that I was running around late at night and needed to be restrained.  I was suspicious as I hadn’t been running around.  I ended up being like a little Houdini as my mom tied me down with leather straps.  Interesting Christmas eve.  I was hit with a searing pain in my head and complained several times during the next hour or so.  My parents assumed I was just trying to make excuses and said to remain quiet.  Fortunately, as I had been practicing my cousin Houdini routines with my grandfather,  I had thought ahead and made myself bigger when I was tied down so that I could escape.  I ended up escaping from the satellite beam by leaving the bedroom and running for the neighbor’s house.  At that point, I got away from the satellite with the killer signal.  As I waited in the kitchen for the neighbors to come downstairs to help ‘save me’, (they had left their door unlocked in the garage) I noticed that Santa forgot to eat his cookies.  So I asked the neighbor why.  He said he’ll be back and not to eat any.  I reasoned that there was a good chance that Santa wouldn’t miss a cookie and so I started to eat one.  My neighbor called my parents and we all heard me tell my story.


If you listen to conventional wisdom, it works out that because I ate the cookie, I walked into a script contained in the phrase ‘Claube’.  Accordingly, the CIA contractors were able to show that the test had been to show that whereas a traditional satellite signal was possible to escape from, the control sonic  or radio that they claimed to be using was able to follow people around.  The reason that they claimed that the test was run was that Senator Kennedy’s assassination at the Ambassador hotel had some elements that were scripted and some elements that were supposedly contained in Democratic family names like ours.  Without knowing who the other families were, if the schedule details were common due to tampering, only CIA radio voice control could have got them there. The scheduler for Kennedy in California was actually close to the Kennedy family.  They supposedly claimed that they were hit with control sonic that helped them decide a few details like the back hallway from the ballroom as a passageway.  By running a test that showed that someone could be manipulated into fulfilling the word ‘Claube’ fairly completely,  it was one way that CIA contractors could showcase the fact that they were able to set up a similar ‘Manchurian’ situation only months after the assassination.
In other words, they could always look back and say that test was run successfully in case the government moved forward with a case against the contractors that some parties thought were actually responsible for the killing.
The salient thing about this instance is that the large manufacturers of defense equipment never denied it.  It stands as an actual satellite attack.  Later, the head of Tektronix gave me a phrase that said, ‘Congratulations on escaping the attack.  You don’t want to get a lawyer because they might come back.’  Interestingly enough, it is quite possible that part of the test that was run on me was also a licensing opportunity test because apparently Tektronix was being shown a better way of following people around with radio, making my attack potentially profitable for them.


Q.  The orgasm machine seems intriguing.  What is going on in terms of rape that needs replacing?


Well here is a good example.  Our newspaper office’s personal quarters in Mexico were again hit by a satellite sexual attack a couple of days ago. Due to earlier reports and the fact that our firm is known to be launching a satellite violence interpretative center, it does not make sense that there is an array around us that continues to operate as an IOT torture device.  The Mexican police and the US government have looked into the matter.  We also heard from other countries’ governments about the problem.  After this particular attack, we were told that the parties responsible have been located, but not arrested.  They were apparently doing a demo to try and sell similar arrays to other regions of Mexico so that more people could rape and create sexual assaults.
Our feeling is that the machine that we are offering takes away some of the PR problem that places like Washington DC have had.  They developed sexual sonic over the last several decades for use with coverts or researchers.  The problem was that the technology was spread to private parties, making a lot of technology companies and people liable for rape and sexual assault.
The current technology is so sophisticated, many women and men do not always know that they are being attacked at first.  The marketing scheme of the people that have the technology is to try and provide people with orgasms remotely without telling them in advance.  If you give them a device that has been recommended by physicians and is approved for home use, you can wrest back complete control of your sex life.  In many urban areas, that can help make a difference in restoring relationships that have been under attack by sexual sonic controlled by other people.  I should probably point out that the machine is not a sexual toy.  It is a wireless setup that works with sensors remotely.


Q: How will those that are interested in getting involved as investors or claimnant/shareholders?


Many tech companies were not involved with this type of development and may want to help to create a positive environment for everyone moving forward.  They can contact us through Imaginot.  If you are someone who has been hit by control or sexual sonic/radio/satellite in a work setting or at home illegally, we would be similarly happy to hear from you.  If you e-mail Courageous Project’s board member, we will get back to you right away with next steps.