Sexual Satellite Announcement Creates Debate

A long time ago, the US decided to focus its sonic or wave technology development in two areas:  control and sexual response.  The upshot was that it might be useful to the government to either manage someone or create an orgasm in them.

Accordingly, thousands of people were illegally tested.  And no one thought to actually publish the fact that lives and bodies were being ruined as a new story.  So when Pan Am One published the announcement that Imaginot was planning on using the Courageous Project to give victims ownership of a company that would put out a product that would remotely help to create an orgasm in couples that purchased the technology, there wasn’t an expectation that there would be an intelligent response.

And yet, the immediate impact was a freezing of funds by a client of Pan Am One.  This was followed by conjecture from several financials that had kicked the tires on this technology that perhaps the ‘Natural’ campaign out of places like Atlanta and the San Francisco Bay Area roughly a decade ago or more was a ‘join’ or lose proposition.

For most people that are not involved in financial circles, however, the admission that creating an orgasm in females and now males is something that can be done with an gamebox-like console is pretty surprising information.  It is for this reason that Pan Am One has decided to clarify the information that it had reported on earlier by answering questions that it received after the story was published:

Why doesn’t the Courageous Project focus on detection of rape kit signals instead of creating a competing product for loving couples?

Actually, they are doing both.  They have a product that does detect and block rape-kit signals and they have a product that will allow a couple to create an orgasm in themselves while they are making love.  The orgasm product is designed to promote healthy marriages and monogamous relationships.  It won’t be a point and click model that works with everyone that you take home from a bar on Saturday night.

Why is a victim-owned company not using the ‘Natural’ campaign?

Umm, so you are actually telling the Courageous Project that for over 20 years a group of people quietly promoted ‘no satellite’ orgasms as an option but didn’t bother to tell the general public- which meanwhile experienced hundreds, if not thousands of ‘clicker-control’ rapes per year?  Perhaps they helped their peer group to safety, but a Courageous Project spokesperson said that the public should have been informed and wasn’t.  Instead the US  government committed to even more research on advanced control and sexual stimulation via equipment.  In addition, people that have rape kits in neighborhoods obviously don’t respect the declaration that couples would like to just have a natural orgasm.  This has led to situations where criminals are controlling orgasms and rewarding behaviors that benefit them.

Therefore, having your own technology as an option can allow you to truly ignore whatever else someone is trying to do to you outside of your relationship.

Why didn’t the public know?

According to the Courageous Project spokesperson, there is no shame in being a covert that works for the police or their country.  Apparently, some of the technology was developed to help them in their field work.  The problem with the last twenty years in politics has been that there were times at the top of each political party that you could go around the room and notice that some of the top politicians were maybe associated with covert agencies before they became politicians.  They didn’t tell the public this and they were not likely to divulge something that may seem to them to be a secret that could compromise intelligence efforts.

What then happened was that private enterprise compromised sex and control sonic technology over time.  Instead of a Chinese wall against those that had no current nuclear weapon capability, there ended up being no effective containment structure for sex and control sonic.

Because both sex and control sonic technology got loose in the wild, it became a tool for company workers and criminals that needed a leg up in order to control work environments, keep their jobs, or run neighborhoods, which led to the many of the situations that have been experienced by shareholders of the Courageous Project.