Sinbad Gaming To Join Search For Malaysian Flight 370

Although the fourth anniversary of the loss of flight 370 is rapidly approaching, the difficulty that searchers have had in locating the plane keep the incident rather fresh in the public mind.

Currently, there is a team with ships in the water looking for the plane on a short-term contract with the Malaysian government. Another firm, Sinbad Gaming, has announced that it will start negotiations in Malaysia to look for the plane with its new Novapus Platform.

The Novapus Platform is largely autonomous and will cut down the cost of searching large areas of water considerably.  Said Sinbad Gaming board member, David Gass, “We are confident that if the plane has not already been found, we will find it.”

In the past, Sinbad Gaming has been mostly known for creating a new genre of games that flex the remote experience for players.  They have autonomous subs and remote fishing games, as well as a racing league.

The move into supporting search operations is apparently being coordinated with another effort to create a Google Earth-like view of the ocean floors.  Because the units will be out mapping the floor anyway, starting them in an ocean that has a missing plane makes a lot of sense.

It also becomes easier to understand Sinbad’s optimism when it comes to results.  It could be hard to determine precisely when they will actually find the plane, but with automated grid search mapping the floor and searching for Flight 370, they should find the plane eventually.

The debris that has already been recovered from the plane indicates that there may be a debris field waiting like the one that was recently discovered and turned out to be a false positive.  Instead of being Flight 370, the search team accidentally discovered the wreckage of a 19th century ship that was carrying cargo.