Baby Metal: Pan Am One Artist Of The Month


When your band has already gone where a lot of other bands have not and you are still in your teens, you are living in rarified air.  Baby Metal, a group that has toured with Lady Gaga and other acts while becoming the first Japanese band to be the main act at Wembley has struck hard over the course of its last two albums, creating a fusion sound that is winning over listeners outside of Japan.

Their decision to back themselves with the Kami band, a live band with the top metal musicians in Japan in it, has paid a lot of dividends.  One music magazine went as far as to call their last album, the best album of this century.  Pretty heady stuff for a talented trio that has re-invented the heavy metal horns sign by using the ‘fox’ symbol.  In fact, their propensity for using symbolism that transcends language to communicate during concerts has actually translated into stronger success for them overseas.

Recently, they have received air play in Latin America, with strong positive feedback, making it a strong possibility that their next album release will have another set of venues to support with a tour.  Congratulations to the very well known Baby Metal members, Pan Am One Artist of the Month