911 Revisited: Why Did The US Government Ignore The 911 Clock?

For those that weren’t aware that there was an attempt to manage or to pretend to manage the 911 date and time of the New York WTC attack, the question that is probably the most important for them to remember is: “Who is responsible for deliberately using satellite to caption workers that they wanted to use the word ‘ulluate’? It may sound odd at first, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that someone has run a fairly large cover-up in order to get away from liability.

A little bit of background:

Ever since CIA contractors started dabbling in destiny records in the 1950s, there has been an increase in the number of mass killings in the US. Of course military intelligence contractors have also been involved, utilizing common phrases or names or entire family histories to re-purpose whatever story existed and add a distinctly different tinge or direction to events at times. You can normally see a this in certain parts of the country such as around Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Often when there is a killing or a large problem, it can be correlated to a re-reading of someone’s name that is close to the scene. Since Sonic 2 allows government workers to use control satellite to force people to say or in some cases act out what they are told to without knowing it, it has been a normal activity for some of the details in many cases to be woven into the story through the use of satellite on people that are in the same environment.

Yet records are also sometimes used to predict and script events so that covert intelligence can help control events, with the net result being an undesired event will not happen.

911 clock predicated on a CIA contractor kick start

The editor of Pan Am One and his traveling companion had their lives threatened by a CIA worker in Japan in 1993. The worker said that he might have to kill both of them. Apparently this was not because of national security, it was merely someone with a silver spoon that wanted their environment devoid of people that weren’t utilizing CIA support. As that situation developed, it worked out that there was another employee that was coming off helping to stymie a major terrorist hijacking in the Philippines. They apparently ended up wanting to see an accident develop with just the Editor of Pan Am One. This accident was decided upon and ended up taking place in China. Because the accident attempt was unsuccessful, a few governments got involved and purportedly helped out. One visible form of help was making the Editor of Pan Am One a ‘ticker starter’ with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. The Editor opened the trading day at the Shanghai Stock Exchange and was then accorded the title ‘ticker starter’ without knowing it. Unfortunately, someone utilized a record that became a destiny record to do so. That record repeated everything that had happened and additionally said that Carolyn would be the ticker starter for the 911 WTC Attacks- except that she couldn’t be because she would be killed before the attacks occur. Flash forward 6 years. Carolyn was indeed killed in a plane crash and someone decided to try and substitute for her as ticker starter the following year. Keep in mind that Carolyn knew nothing about this either.

Today, we are talking to David Gass, Editor of Pan Am One about the situation with the so-called 911 clock and what in the world could have happened to it?:

Q: How did people get started speculating about the existence of a 911 clock that would indicate US security types were supposed to be watching for problems on September 11, 2001?

A: There is a tradition of intelligence people creating or shaping events so that they can be managed. Lockerbie is a pretty good example. When I was in high school, someone who supposedly worked for intelligence oversight drove me through a town near my house and told me a story. What they were doing was creating an archive in advance. Their story keywords, when put together, talked about how a group affiliated with the US government had voted that week in 1984 to use Lockerbie as a site for any attack coming from terrorists. After the bombing actually happened, in 1988, there were people that said, well, if there was a site or an attempt to use Lockerbie as a place where they could somehow watch and try and stop terrorists, it was pretty ill-advised due to the fact that it wasn’t really a destination.

As I didn’t read between lines with any words, I only became aware of the info that was in front of me in 2016. What I learned was that the encrypted disclosure of Lockerbie as a planned event to someone who wasn’t aware what it actually meant it gave the contractors to the US government some strange idea that they had the right to constant surveillance via their NSA contracts. It was therefore during the time period just prior to the Lockerbie accident that NSA employees setup surveillance on me at my university. Did they know something was coming? Hard to say.

With 911, someone actually took the time to read the word ulluate and notice that it claims that the date and time will be the 911 that is contained within the Japanese word ‘goma’ or sesame. If you look at that word, it will actually state 911 as the date.

Q: So you are saying that ‘ulluate’ was intended to be a clock start for the WTC attacks?

A: Yes and no. From the people sending it, ‘yes’. From the people being hit by satellite and told what to say without knowing they were told, ‘no’.

Q: Why do they have a clock in this instance?

A: Well it could of course, be the people that planned the bombing. On the other hand, it could be people trying to stop the bombing. Either way, having a clock is a way of showing that something will happen in roughly a year’s time that corresponds to what actually did happen.

Q: How was the ‘ulluate’ message delivered?

A: Some documents claim that an NSA subcontractor hired themselves out to private parties to attack a Hillsboro, Oregon software company worker. The actual attack was a National City, California – style ‘walk into a word cloud’ situation that is like Sonic 1.5. The words are introduced using radio or sonic alone, but the person is aware that they are not necessarily naturally introduced.

The actual message was the word- and then a few days later, the worker was told via satellite that they needed to use the word ‘ulluate’ or they would be killed. Apparently, someone wanted the word to be used one year in advance. They didn’t get their wish as the worker talked to people about how they felt the word was not themselves thinking but artificially introduced. The worker decided to wait for a few weeks and risk death in order to use the word after it would no longer meet the satellite attacker’s requirements.

Q: So the worker waited to use the word and about 11 months later, 911 occurred. Are there any leads on who the NSA contractor was?

A: There are a few different versions of the story. Please remember that all of these versions, while plausible, do not indicate anything other than the fact that they have been discussed by people that were investigating the clock.

1. Symantec licensing and/or the Justice Department onsite at Microsoft were testing satellite communications for their private police forces onsite at the software company.

2. A venture capitalist in the region had employees that were testing how to get rid of workers quietly [no mess] with a Southern Oregon network. They used satellite shots at the head and body to alter the behavior of and get rid of one manager at the firm and then used the satellite dish to message the other worker as a test.

3. An NSA subcontractor worked with a local NSA contractor on satellite harassment contracts and hit the company to show their capability. One of their business clients asked them to use this word.

Really, though, the number one thing that people should remember is that if you have a positive id on the person who was using a satellite to caption or insert information into people, or their client, you may be able to answer just why the US government wasn’t aware of any impending attack on 911- it is that simple.

Q: So you never read between the lines until the 21st century?

A: For all intents and purposes. My modern Hollywood keyword is something like ‘Magoo’ because I famously chose not to try and read any messages that would be contained within words when I was 3 or 4. I was shown a different example when I was 7 or 8 by a Charles 2 descendant. They were using my name and also a city name to change meanings. I asked some adults and they said, it means nothing. So I forgot about it until after I was threatened in Japan. During that time period, I was asked about playing a ‘bridge under construction’ to put people’s names into it as it was new. I told all people to stop doing that with the bridge because it may mean nothing to most people, but for those whom it means something, there might be negative effects that they read into it. Ultimately, it wasn’t until late 2009 that I started to look at script in France in my family records and realize that there is a special way of reading letters that imparts meaning when a message is intended. I also noticed that CIA people wrote the majority of the records in France about my family, making me wonder as just a business person why there is so much attention there.