911 Continued: Did NSA Or Justice Contractors Start A One Year Attack Clock And Forget About It?

Since we published the original 9/11 interview, we have been inundated with requests for more information.  It would seem that the public does want justice to be done if major mistakes were covered up on 9/11 and the Kennedy plane crash.  The real question has been whether or not the government will actually allow there to be an accounting for the government contractors that were involved.   So far, the Trump administration has been courteous and even taken the search in international directions that may create some structural satisfaction for the US regionally.  At the same time, our firm’s executives have continued to get the same treatment they always have from downstream agencies.  The DEA asked a foreign country municipality to ‘arrest our editor on drug charges’ a few months ago- but the foreign country actually just searched him, found nothing and let him go as he has no history of any type of drug affiliation and is only concerned with writing news and making wine.  In any case, it was decided that the best way to update the situation would be to ask a new round of questions.  So here is our editor, David Gass, providing some answers:

Was Kennedy’s plane crash an accident?

Answer:  Someone created a published record once that said that Kennedy’s wife ‘Bessette’ would likely be killed in a plane accident because the very structure of Bessette’s name actually allowed people using destiny records to incorporate a plane crash.   As ludicrous as that sounds, the US government contractors that worked with the rest of the ‘ticker starter’ record apparently put together a narrative that allowed them to test a 911 clock in a way that didn’t leave much evidence that would indicate that they were actually involved in creating the plane crash.  There is a set of records that contains a thread that first blames Olivetti and then Rockwell for testing satellite dishes on Martha’s Vineyard that don’t need to triangulate in order for them to hit a plane and make someone dizzy.  The upshot is that instead of triangulating, they can just hit a broad patch of sky until a plane flies into it.  Yet it would appear that that angle must have been covered and debunked by police quietly because it was so glaring, clearing both companies.

So while I would say it would have been quite possible for someone’s company to take advantage of the empty sky around the plane due to the late hour, actual evidence of satellite dish testing off of local towers has never been conclusively shown to have happened.

So then, as a coincidence, does this detract from the narrative?

Answer:  Actually, it doesn’t take away from the assertion that someone used a satellite ‘insert’ operation at First Insight Corporation in Hillsboro to trigger a pre-made clock for the WTC attacks.  The clock was set to 9/11, and the people that were either triggering it on purpose or for testing purposes did so without ensuring that the authorities were actually aware that a clock was ticking.  In some ways, however, the entire assertion including Kennedy’s plane can be looked at as something that ‘could have’ happened sequentially- and there are those that believe it did.  As mentioned, in the original record, Carolyn Bessette was ‘supposed’ to be the ‘ticker starter’ of the WTC attacks, while I was supposed to be the ticker starter of Camp Sebastian, another plane crash that occurred years later in Afghanistan.  Neither of us knew this obviously.

You’ve mentioned that there will be a lawsuit against a US intelligence agency over the Hillsboro attack?

Answer:  Right.  One of our executives was hit by the insert of ‘ulluate’ at Hillsboro and then hit with what records describe as ‘continuous sonic attacks after the 9/11 attack.  Around the time of the insert, the person was sent a message that says that “Leopold died at thirty eight”, an apparent reference to the local contractors that may have been assigned to hit him with a satellite dish while working.  It was also discovered that ‘Olympic National Park’, a park that was included as reference material for the case, states “okay, attack at Hillsboro’s First Insight indicates that the year of the two towers attack will be 01….1 year until attack.  It also says that the date of the attack will be contained in the Japanese picture character for sesame, goma- something that is true.

So it is fairly obvious that although someone could have made short work of putting a clock together to stop terrorists, they instead chose to tie events together from a history of one of our executives, causing quite a bit of business damage via slander and sonic attacks.  It is now apparent that some of that work was done to clean up for government contractors that were either malicious or made a very large mistake- something that should be brought out in civilian court so that they can finally take credit for it.  It is my hope that this lawsuit helps to make it easier for the US government, which has actually been somewhat diligent under the Trump administration about sharing resources that provide insight into their own supposed look at the situation, to actually force these people to fight their battles outside of a secret court.

Is there another smoking gun that will expose the situation for what it was?

Answer:  Supposedly, Sandy Berger realized in 2002 that there were simultaneous coverups going on and so he created an archive that exposed all of the details.  His ‘put your documents in your ankle socks’ episode that was widely commented on can actually be read in his name ‘Sandy’.  According to the records, he was trying to flag the episode because he wanted it brought to the attention of the democracy that is the United States that he was hit by a satellite insert in court that changed his 9/11 testimony from something important to something that the US government security apparatus wanted him to say.  It is said that the ‘ulluate’ satellite attack data is also contained within his archive.