So Apparently Paul Walker Was Murdered

We don’t normally go back and revisit stories that we have published in the past.  By the same token, if there is new, compelling evidence, it can sometimes put a story into perspective.  In the case of the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash, our original story said that it ‘might’ be the case that satellite interference was involved as there was an existing roadside frequency network in existence on Santa Clarita’s major thoroughfares at the time.

Since that article was published, there were always a couple of pieces of evidence that seemed a bit incongruous.  Our story was from the point of view that any satellite/radio/ or cell tower interference with the driver would be something that was spur of the moment violence or just inadvertently distracting.  We have since learned that it is pretty hard to draw the same conclusion without not understanding the other pieces of evidence.

Here to explain how things have changed is our editor David Gass:

Q:  So what promulgated a second look at continuing to investigate the crash article?

A:  Well, first of all, I would like to apologize for not being more thorough with our coverage up front.  We could have included more information but we did not recognize it for what it was.  Recently, however, walking along Bouquet Cyn Rd. in Santa Clarita, I realized that if you are able to read between the lines, you will recognize that the road itself says that Paul will experience a car accident.  I mentally went through all the meanings in the road and then decided that whereas it contained a pretty complete story, it was unlikely that a contractor that had the rights to create a car wreck would actually use a script that could be generated from Bouquet Cyn Rd. to actually murder some people.  And whereas the actual script that can be generated says that the accident wasn’t a murder but a sanction, it still would seem somewhat out of place.

Q:  Until?

A:  Until there was a flurry of published activity after I started analyzing Bouquet Cyn Rd.  Like many roads it has been used for years as a record that shares information.  Right after the accident, it would have been hard for police and locals to miss.  The upshot is that some people that publish between the lines were saying that they now actually back the notion that someone could have copied what this said and created a script that had Paul being satellite or radio relayed by someone, which probably isn’t correct.  The outcome that is alluded to in the road is somewhat correct, however.

Q:  Yet isn’t it the case that records like that which exist for a long time are somewhat suspect when pointing to them as the cause of anything?

A:  They certainly can be.  The significance of using Bouquet Cyn Rd. as circumstantial evidence is therefore confined to two sets of phenomena.  The first is that it was a known scenario locally that pointed to an accident long before one occurred, potentially giving people incentive.  The second thing that is important about it is that by bringing it up after the case was closed, those that weren’t local that passed judgement that mattered seemed to be open to a different interpretation of events that include the influence of LRAD type of communication with one or both of the victims before they left for a test drive.

Q:  So what is the piece of evidence then that convinces you that Paul Walker was murdered.

A:  Most satellite jobs for contractors that involve accidents or other types of death are usually scheduled long in advance.  When someone popular is targeted, there are usually some leaks.  I myself was told that I was scheduled for a ‘certain death’ accident by US intelligence forces because I lived overseas and was building a business network.  Apparently, the requester was someone that was not an intelligence forces person but someone who just wanted to drive the ‘government penis’ and avail themselves of services that once gave rise to overseas US business legends like United Fruit.   It worked out that someone friendlier was able to switch the request to a ‘probable death’ accident using frequency and routines to affect people in the vehicle.  At least that meant that I had a fighting chance.  That accident occurred about a year and a half later in China.  Well, it was a near accident as I was able to fight the driver of the car off and take hold of the wheel, swerving to avoid oncoming earth-movers on the freeway to Beijing.  So for that potential accident, the schedule was shorter than some that have been reported before.
With Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, there are clues in a few places- but they aren’t much more than supposition for critics because they aren’t timely.  The piece of evidence that is timely is the fact that as I left a Bonita neighborhood on the day that Paul and Roger died about an hour before the wreck, a visitor yelled out ‘Are you a Walker’?  During the aftermath of the crash, I looked at that and wondered if someone hadn’t satellite dish or cell tower relayed them the information in the form of an insert that they wouldn’t know about but just say.  In the end, we left it out of the article because it appeared to be just a coincidence.  Once I looked at Bouquet Cyn Rd. and realized that there was more to it, I went back and looked at our details again.  I didn’t look at ‘Are you a Walker?’ between the lines because it seems like mostly common words and I didn’t know at the time that someone could be so spontaneous with such a complete message- which is usually a pretty good indication that something is scheduled.

Q:  What does it say ‘between the lines’ that might help people that don’t understand?

A:  Well I never looked at things between the lines until the past few years and some people will tell you that if you do see things between the lines that they shouldn’t be published because of the danger that it still might pose to people who either published it or people that reveal it.  In this case however, the choice is clear.  Software that automatically reads between the lines for people is available for almost everyone.  The instant anything is published, people with filters are using them to create deeper meaning for the world around them.  Artificial intelligence is now being used to create between the lines publishing and putting a glut of information onto the Internet.  The upshot is that the specific question here after you learn that Paul Walker’s death was actually a murder or execution is that did it really have anything to do with National Security?  If it didn’t, or it didn’t to the extent that it would be easier to have someone solve their differences in court, there is a real problem with how justice was administered.
But rather than discussing that here, I’ll just go ahead and do a partial reading that gives you what someone intended to say about Paul.  The only reason these words are written out is to allow people to think about it and ask themselves if it isn’t worth looking into having people take a second look at the case.
The phrase is:  Are you a Walker?
It says:  About an hour after you start walking on Bonita Road, there will be an auto wreck or crash that will murder Roger Rodas and Paul Walker.  Of course a lot of you will look at Bouquet Cyn Rd and say ‘Well, doesn’t Bouquet Cyn Rd actually say “Paul Walker auto accident”?  Well, all right, Bouquet Cyn Rd. did actually give a lot of people here locally a clue in advance of the wreck.  According to Bouquet Cyn Rd., Cubic created or wrote it and yet Cubic didn’t actually write or create it.  Apparently, Bouquet Cyn has been around for almost a century.  All right, so you want to blame someone for creating words that said ‘Paul Walker auto accident, maybe you can just say “maybe someone utilized the hidden meaning in Bouquet Cyn.  And yet Bouquet Cyn wasn’t coming at you only an hour in advance of the actual accident.  Are you redacted?  Are you remember to include one hour in advance of accident warning?   Already, an hour before the wreck, Andrews Air Force base is ready to take a large aerial picture of the area roads. Any picture created will be redacted by the State of California and intelligence forces. Allegedly, any large picture will show a satellite array in the Southern part of the picture in the same area where you were intercepted at a gas station by a covert from the State of California [The covert told me to leave the area.  I was just there to get gas].  All right, to the accident.  Allegedly, a corner will lead to a right that becomes an accident like Han had in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. 

Q:  So is it possible, then, to have a future, meaningful inquiry opened?

A:  Certainly.  In addition to other potential efforts, Courageous Project is looking into staffing up the Los Angeles-based Oversight Committee.  It will be made up of countries that support having some transparency for victims.  Several countries have already shown support for empowering this type of operation.  Once the committee is staffed and convened, it should be able to quickly ascertain how satellite was involved.  The warning says that a crew hit Paul and Roger with frequency.  The committee will look at locating these people and get their testimony.  They can then talk about liability for interested parties.