One Commerce Secretary Killed, One Wrecked In Frequency Weapon Coverup

New information that has come to light shows that US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s plane was supposedly forced to crash in 1996 by a Serbian frequency weapon that hit the plane as it approached Dubrovnic, Croatia.  The attack was a reprisal for US Navy based ships in the middle of the Adriatic using sonic weapons on Serbian civilians along the coast.

According to a newspaper headline insert that was put onto a plane traveling to Cairo at the end of 1993, Al Kaeda terrorists published the news on behalf of the Serbian army at the time.  As there was a war raging in Croatia, the communique merely stated that Al Kaeda wasn’t involved, but that the United States had broken a NATO treaty by using sonic or frequency weapons on Serbian civilians and therefore would be punished by forces attached to the Serbian effort.

In 2012, the same communique was apparently used to target US Commerce Secretary John Bryson, intimating that the seizures that he suffered before crashing his car in Los Angeles were a result of sonic, or frequency weapons being brought to bear upon him as he drove his vehicle.

Here with us, as always, to answer some questions, is David Gass, Editor of Pan Am 1:

The plane crash is certainly a tragedy, how was the communique uncovered?

A:  The newspaper headline said that 18 people had been killed in a terrorist incident in Egypt where the terrorists had boarded a tourist bus and shot all Americans aboard that they could find.  Though there were several copies of the English-language, major name newspaper distributed to passengers, there wasn’t any real reaction after those passengers left the flight other than they may have been more cautious.   One American that read the story told everyone in Egypt that they were looking for heightened security while on vacation because of the fact that someone was targeting Americans like the newspaper article claimed.  According to that person, no one confirmed or denied that the incident happened in Egypt.

In fact, the incident did not happen and Americans were not killed.  Therefore, it is kind of strange to have someone on vacation telling everyone that about an incident that didn’t occur.  The same person continued on to Israel and made a payphone international call that was picked up by Israeli intelligence and they apparently pulled out the headline from the conversation.  The headline was something like “18 killed on bus”, which can interpolate to ‘hijackers will wipe out the World Ted Center on September edeleven, in 2000 and 1.” For those who look between the lines, it certainly wasn’t something that was very clear.  Even today, it is something that people might say is too common for people to use it as a specific warning.  The passenger that read the headline could not read between the lines until recently and so they did not think anything further about the 18 killed incident until recently.  They looked the incident up on the Internet and discovered that there are a few times in history that someone used that type of headline.  There certainly was not a killing that involved a tour bus during that time period, however.  After they realized that the headline was an insert, they figured out it must be a published message.  They looked at it and saw what we just described but nothing more.  They noticed a few months later that a public name that was published and known to many people actually says that they should write a headline that focused on the Americans, which meant subtracting one.  They thought they remembered that in the body of the story of the insert, it said that one of the people killed was not American.  So they created the headline “17 Americans killed”, which explains the story above.

Has there been any corroboration from sources about the plane crash?

A:  Yes, there is confirmation that the US Adriatic Fleet had sonic ‘weapons’ if you like trained on the Adriatic coastline of a couple of countries and that they were using them with native populations.  There was an apparent coverup of this for national security reasons at the time, but the technology used is now in the hands of gangs and cartels so there isn’t any reason to not inform civilians about it any longer.  The communique would also seem to say that should Milosevic, the former Serbian leader be brought to trial, Ron Brown’s plane crash would not be able to be considered a war crime because the United States broke the NATO treaty.  So, I won’t call The Hague, but if anyone brought anything other than secret charges against Milosevic, it certainly hasn’t been talked about.

So if the treaty was broken, it allows for some kind of remedy like a plane crash?

A:  Not in concrete terms, but it has seemingly been the rationale that some groups and even some countries have used to express displeasure when they feel a treaty is broken.  Someone once issued a communique that said an American president was personally punished by having someone use frequency on his lover so they would temporarily obey doing something that the other country wanted without knowing it in order to underline the fact that a treaty was broken in Europe by their administration.  Urban legend or not, there are other similar examples where countries have supposedly taken justice into their own hands instead of approaching a body like NATO, which is what most countries or groups would do when the treaty is broken.

Secretary Bryson’s auto crash(es):  Why?

That is one that I would leave up to people that were around during President Obama’s administration.  It appears that someone simply re-used the ’17 Americans killed’ line, going after a Democratic administration because it appears to say that the Republican Secretaries of Commerce usually act like they are already dead.  It also blames the Republican administrations previous to the Democratic administrations for the infractions.

Why aren’t frequency weapons something the public understands?

Well, I’m also hosting a Templar 2000 years of Christianity party in Los Angeles and you would be surprised how long ago rudimentary electronics were used to put frequency through walls and create everything from a weapons experience to an orgasm experience.  Chaucer was debilitated by frequency and cadencing, while the French tested creating an orgasm in a lady from outside the thickest castle walls in the land practically.  The lady was with a man in the innermost chamber of the castle and the technology worked.  They located her and well, it worked.  The French experiment took place in the 1600’s.

Some people say that defense contractors after WWII actually requested years of time to build up an arsenal of sonic routines and weaponry that would allow the US to have Manchurian candidate capabilities and a solid orgasm for women.  Other people say that those types of routines, including automating people were already developed for hundreds of years in some cases, leading to one of the biggest defense scams in history.  People weren’t told they were experimented on while contractors didn’t actually need to experiment on the public.

The upshot is that it is time to talk about it and make sure everyone is safe.  The end play for industry catering to criminals and sexual recruiters pointed their export capabilities at Latin and South America most recently, turning people into animals in their decision-making and actively even testing continuous sonic with AI overlays, something that creates a whole new you.  The you it creates is someone that speaks a script that is sent to it, much like the rats in Brazil got used to receiving the right answer to get food via an electrode.  Over time, these rats forgot that they were being controlled by outside instructions and started to instinctively just obey what was sent to them.

Of course certain Catholics complained about the fact that the US government openly supports covering up for contractors that subsume what Catholics and other religions consider to be the soul.  So the current Pope’s administration seems to be hard at work in Argentina building a ‘soccer wall’ against satellite and sonic proliferation.  According to Vox, Chile is talking about laws that will create a situation where it is illegal to overwrite what a person wanted to think or say with something from a satellite or sonic broadcast.  Unfortunately, this has already happened in the United States in places that should be free from outside influence.  Sandy Berger, David Gass, and one other executive that is a household name all had their court testimony altered by sonic or satellite inserts in violation of their rights.

So it isn’t illegal to talk about it, but it is still not the norm?

A: Right.  So Courageous Project has identified 6 different areas that people are experimenting and exploiting people using sonic and satellite.  In each area, they are now mitigating the criminal activity by creating approved versions of a product that fulfills some of the same functions but puts power in the hands of the victims.  They do not have any trouble currently using this approach to showcase the fact that large parts of several countries are currently being partially enslaved by fascist-style frequency coverage that allows for inserts.  In the realm of academia, it is kind of interesting to note that many institutions of higher learning, even those that have labs that have high security around the sonic routines that their students develop are not coming clean to students and parents about the problems associated with being on campus while there is a risk of exposure.  UCSD is a popular target for discussion and recent investigations by other groups we are not part of have supposedly turned up ‘some’ cases of auto-accept sex routines being used.  An ‘auto-accept’ routine is sort of like a sex potion that creates a person that will accept sex with someone that asks them without thinking because they were ‘programmed’ to say yes.  To them, it will feel like they decided.  So it is sort of deja vu for San Diego people because they already weathered the create ‘instant wetness’ without telling or asking people and the ‘Asian kitten’ phenomena.  Auto-accept is in fact sexual assault.  The partner that they sleep with may not know that this ‘auto-accept’ occurred.  If they find out afterwards because someone tells them, they will be an accessory if they don’t report it immediately.  So, yes, it is possible to talk and it is important for those in positions of academic trust to stop listening to lawyers with strategies that could end up harming your institution.