How ‘Bout Gobsmacked Candidates Get Half The Distance And One Sonic Answer That Frees The World?

So Chaucer’s early work brought him acclaim and a literary appointment to the King of England.  Yet when someone is upstream from you that is not the King wants you gone, you will probably start to show signs of cracking over time.  Chaucer was no exception.  He lived miserably, died early, and was supposedly turned into a parakeet for some of his later work.   The short of it is that he was hit by a continuous quartzite (early electronics) cadencing and frequency attack that lasted for years.

So how is it that Western Civilization ends up with at least an 800 year legacy of pointing sonic routines and satellite or quartzite electronics at each other without making the details understood to the public? 

We seem to have a knack for ignoring what will obviously destroy the neighbors, should they be near someone with that type of technology.  Except things are starting to change because other countries that have the technology that we sought to keep quiet are offering it to American business people as a service. You can certainly order some of the same services used against Chaucer in Tijuana.  And the cost to wallop your soon-to-be unfortunate friend is quite low actually…. making it a an excellent election to have candidates start talking ‘out loud’ about satellite/sonic/ and electronics that are potentially ruining lives in their own districts. 

So let’s start with a observation regarding some large media groups in the United States:  Like Pan Am One you are able to push back against domestic policy set by domestic spy agencies that do not have the right to run our country domestically.  So while we push back and talk about it normally like no one else will unless they do it ‘between the lines’, you seem to be pulling your punches.  Well maybe that won’t help the average person who could end up obeying someone’s orders without understanding that someone is using an ‘insert’ broadcast system at their home… And so on.

So our request is for the debate hosting press to write one moderator question for Democratic candidates that they can answer out loud that will inform the public about their positions on a very important state of affairs!

If you are a voter that does read between the lines, you might have noticed that one female candidate has a plan to get rid of keyword automation satellite for police operations should she win.  This is a significant victory for urban dwellers in some areas who end up acting out what it says inside a couple of words a few times a week during the Summer.  Their acting is an automated reminder that our society sometimes tilts towards evil Chautauqua.

You might also learn that some other candidates will not stake out a position with specifics because they probably don’t believe that you will ask the question.  Crazy technology.. some front-runners will reputedly only answer out loud on this issue if everyone else will.  Mebbe get Bill and Hillary and Jimmy Carter to interview an answer that allows everyone to warm up!

– Because it is a joke to watch Feds make a spectacle out of 7 Lori Loughlins when there may be 11,000 cases of ‘yes we seriously increased your SAT score by satellite for cash in the Northwest region alone’.

– Because it is a joke to watch software and satellite developers put development environments in urban neighborhoods that turn everyone in the area into lab rats that obey the instructions they are given, whether they know they are given them or not.

– Because sexual victims of satellite can’t file for shares of Courageous Project because there are tech lawyers and their clients stalking them in order to harass them until they drop any pretense that they will sue them-  witness intimidation using an illegal system that fires weapons that constitute a felony.

– Because there is a rumor that a Democratic candidate was hit by an ‘insert’ during the debate, causing them to say exactly what the insert told them to without knowing that they were temporarily ‘obeying’.

– Because a former CEO of HP was allegedly hit with an insert while testifying in Washington DC, creating testimony that was not his. Because the former head of the NSC was hit with an insert while testifying in front of Congress. Because the head of Courageous Project was hit with an insert while testifying in front of San Diego Superior Court in Chula Vista, California.

– Because the former CEO of Tektronix pointed out that a three-year old that was savagely attacked by a scheduled satellite test was in a situation where they can’t call the CIA, they can’t call a lawyer, they can’t call the police. They don’t like what is happening, but they will just have to put up with whatever the test team decides to do to them until someone allows regular courts to hear satellite cases.

Sample questions?   What level of court will start allowing civil lawsuits about electronic/sonic torture? Or, Do you support liability payments for those that were experimented on by electronics but were never told?

Let’s get the election rolling in 2020!