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Schiller’s List Goes Live: Directional Sound Problems? Join The ‘Do Not Torture List’

Although it came off a little bit later than promised, Morus Dei, a charitable group that takes on projects to help enhance the lives of people all over has created and put on line a document that allows individuals who would like to avoid being hit indiscriminately by radio, directional sound, weaponized TMS, and radar to become a liaison to the Vatican for their group.  

Virtual Prisons For Vacationers: The 7 Worst Sonic / Radar Routines used on Urban or Beach People

It is sort of surprising that people have trouble understanding how virtual prisons have brought a more of a fascist utopia to people living in urban areas. Yet Doppler radar, modified cell phones and electronic devices, and sensors that sell for as little as $2 a piece have made it much easier for networks and gangs to stage virtual home and office invasions that make the Sony attack look like child’s play.

How a New Database of Nude Tech and Business Executive Photos may be Dumped on an Unsuspecting Public

Pan Am One writers have been to a lot of conferences, speaking in situations where people will tell you to imagine everyone in the room naked…

Sovereignty in the 21st Century: How financial matters matter

It seemed like a very good idea at the time.

In retrospect, agreeing to the order that caused Argentina to route all payments for its debt through the United States proved to be a sticking point that caused it to be vulnerable to the latest order from its ongoing dispute with hedge fund owners in New York. Simply put,

A New Dimension in Health-Consciousness: Cancer and Nervous System Damage Free Zones

You eat healthy food. You kill yourself to exercise and maintain your weight. So why would you want to increase your risk of cancer or nervous system damage by getting hit by the gangs running networked directed sound and radio in public places and retail establishments?

A man, a plan, a canal: Cuba?

Ever since the Obama administration entered office, they have signaled a new form of cultural detente with the island just South of Miami.

For the other 190 countries or so that have normal relations with Havana, a partial thaw is a sign that the United States is taking baby steps towards diplomatic coherency. After all, we are only several years removed from a Canadian attempt to poke fun at the situation by creating a bill that asked for reparations for the British-Americans that had to flee the United States during the revolution.

Panama: Former CIA agent convicted of torture caught, then released

A Former US super spy caught in Panama and scheduled to be sent back to Italy for sentencing on a conviction for torture and the extraordinary rendition of an innocent Italian, left Panama Friday on a flight to the United States. It was expected that he would argue that the operation was merely a ‘run of the mill’ rendition and not extraordinary in any way, hoping for a lesser sentence.   Now, he will not have to argue at all.

Here Comes ILO: Initial License Offerings Start Providing Revenue-based Funding

As the SEC revs up to specify equity crowdfunding rules, the market has already shifted in anticipation of the move. Law firms that traditionally work with businesses are spending more time building relationships with startup firms. Venture Capitalists are creating ties with firms that are providing equity crowdfunding marketplaces. In sum, the status quo is moving to envelope and encompass the change.

Of Data Rape and Brain Jacking: Part One Corporate Espionage

Twelve years ago, when information thieves wanted data from someone who had access to the entire codebase for one of the world’s largest security software firms, they used a rudimentary form of conditioning response to attack the person in their home by hitting them with electro-magnetic waves combined with sonic weapons and microwaves.