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So Apparently Paul Walker Was Murdered

We don’t normally go back and revisit stories that we have published in the past.  By the same token, if there is new, compelling evidence, it can sometimes put a story into perspective.  In the case of the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash, our original story said that it ‘might’ be the case that satellite interference was involved as there was an existing roadside frequency network in existence on Santa Clarita’s major thoroughfares at the time.

Baby Metal: Pan Am One Artist Of The Month

When your band manages to help sell out a venue like Wembley before you have even hit the age of 18, it is a sure sign that you may be onto something special. Baby Metal from Japan has three divas and one of the world’s best metal bands creating a fusion of strong guitar and sometimes sweet vocals. The net effect has been a coronation of sorts among some in the metal industry that recognize that the next generation will continue to innovate. And although they are not strangers to North America, they have recently received some airplay in Latin America, making them an obvious choice as Pan Am One artists of the month. Editors’ Note: Pan Am One would also like to apologize to the band for having a server crash take out this article for several days.

Cortes’ Secret Peanut Plan To Restore Nahua Rule

The next time that you decide to cook a turkey in peanut oil, think back to the Mexican or Aztec scientists that probably did the same thing at some point in the past 2000 years. It may help give you some perspective on how much of the food in the Americas came roaring up from the South.

360: Pan Am One Artist Of The Month

One of the hottest acts of the past year, 360 hails from Melbourne, Australia. Their ‘Boys Like You’ video has surpassed 6 million views on Youtube, while “Live it Up” and “Price of Fame” are on their way to 3 million. In addition to their ability to create onscreen dramas that compel, their lyrics and melody are one of the more popular visits online.  “Price of Fame’s” use of models that like selfie work certainly adds to the message- helping create a fan base that is global. Pan Am One, is therefore happy to pronounce them artists of the month.

Seth Sentry, Pan Am One Artist of the Month

Seth has been growing larger in the public eye in Australia for at least the last 7 years or so.  Audiences in the Asia-Pacific region are therefore very familiar with his ‘being mistaken for Greg’ and his crush on a waitress that led him to put up with less than stellar restaurant service.  Yet like all acts that command attention when they get started, he faced a challenge in putting out the followup to his 2012 release.  Fortunately, although it took a while to release and then make its way to presentation in the Americas, the critical feedback for his latest effort has been quite positive.  

The Flight of the Bolinacho

Although Tijuana is already famous for Caesar salad, Clamato, and Tostilocos, a pitched battle over a newer introduction, the bolinacho, now appears to be over, with the city getting credit for introducing the concept to the United States. The bolinacho is a roll that is stuffed with cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers before it is baked. It can also contain rajas, or pickled onions, carrots, and jalapenos. Available in supermarkets through Baja and the rest of Mexico, it has joined the array of baked goods in grocery store delis throughout Southern

Asta and Allday, Pan Am 1 Artists of the Month



After starting her storybook career by winning a National Australian Artist Award when she was still in high school in Tasmania, Asta has continued to craft melodies that resonate with the clarity of her voice. Her recent duet with Allday, a hip-hop artist that has always been able to extend his range to encompass more accessible music, creates a fusion that works and just might power them forward to a much larger audience.

Not of Islam, but mebbe of Mohammed? Old wive’s tale about President Obama partially explained

When President Obama first started his campaign for the presidency, there were those that claimed that his faith was Muslim and that he was not being honest with people about his belief system. Of course it worked out that the arguments that that group of people made were far off the mark and so any intended controversy did not develop.

Yet if one were to go back and look at the President’s family roots on his mom’s side, it is interesting to note that one of his ancestors from France grew up in a village that contained a lot of people that were validated descendants of Mohammed.

Today,Trailers are ‘In’ With the Release of Paul Walker’s Furious 7 Trailer

The movie trailer for Fast and Furious 7, as the latest iteration of the Fast and Furious series is known, was released online today .

It is likely an exciting, yet bittersweet time for the cast and crew, which dealt with a lot of tragedy in the form of the death of star, Paul Walker while the film was still being shot.

As a consequence, the popular actor’s brothers came aboard to help complete the movie and scenes were redone in small parts of the film in order to prepare the audience for the ‘retirement’ of Paul Walker in the sequel.

Peter Manjarrés and Sergio Luis Rodriguez: Pan Am 1 Artists of the Month



Although they have been part of the Vallenato scene for well over a decade and Peter Manjarrés has already won two Grammy awards, the duo consisting of Peter and Sergio Luis Rodriguez are not well-known outside the genre that blends Caribbean sounds with traditional Colombian music.