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Who Pretended To Giftwrap Abbottabad For Obama, Embedding Details In His Name?

In one of the more complex news stories of recent years, at least three ingredients come together to point to an authorless effort to ensure that Barack Obama got credit for taking down Osama bin Laden. Apparently, someone’s intelligence forces got to the strongman’s entourage in 2004 and influenced the later move to Abbottabad, creating a map that was embedded in future President Obama’s name.

Your Firm As A Center of Innovation

There have been a lot of highly publicized programs in the history of technology and consumer companies that have tried to optimize the talent of their staff in order to create an innovation-centric organization. Finding the right fit for your firm can result in revenue and market share enhancements that cement your place in the history of your company.

Seth Sentry, Pan Am One Artist of the Month


Seth has been growing larger in the public eye in Australia for at least the last 7 years or so.  Audiences in the Asia-Pacific region are therefore very familiar with his ‘being mistaken for Greg’ and his crush on a waitress that led him to put up with less than stellar restaurant service.  Yet like all acts that command attention when they get started, he faced a challenge in putting out the followup to his 2012 release.  Fortunately, although it took a while to release and then make its way to presentation in the Americas, the critical feedback for his latest effort has been quite positive.  

Directing Obama: Did Someone Script McKinley = Make Kin Lucy- Setting Off A Mad Dash To Rename A Mountain?

For a while, tech executives and others have been offered a service that allows them to direct others’ schedules and actions without knowing them. In some places, that has devolved into neural warfare as it has been deemed easier to use sonic and other frequency weapons to make suggestions and wage Sony-style attacks in the form of ‘bow down’ consciously or subconsciously to the local “I’ll do-what-you-saida” training camps.

Protect Yourself Abroad and in Domestic Urban Hotels

Urban hotels and vacation places have proven to be popular areas for gangs to infiltrate and hit people with radar, sonic, and other weapons when they want to sell them something, or create problems for them.

The reason that you don’t hear about it more is that it is a major liability for hotels.  They will not likely tell you about something that would cause you to sue them.

San Diego: The Familiar “Yeah, We Don’t Know”

A few years ago when the County courthouse in downtown San Diego was attacked with sonic weapons designed for war, bystanders in the streets could hear the audio reverb off the building chiding the sheriff and county officials.  It was as if the building had been turned into a giant speaker.  There was no news report covering the problem, although the local NBC affiliate is almost across the street.  Just another day in a city that is heavily influenced by military administrators that have carte blanche to paper over any incident with excuses that don’t need to be explained:  a circumstance which is fine during wartime, but not during peace.

Schiller’s List about to go live in Southern California!

In the run-up to the publication of a piece on virtual prisons, here is an interview with a Pan Am staff member regarding the decision by Morus Dei, a charitable group, to create a Schiller’s list for travelers to the United States and Mexico.

So Morus Dei has created the position of Morus Dei liaison to the Vatican City for people that are impacted by government or government contractor or business weapon systems that are in use in Southern California. What is the impetus behind that?

Shakespeare in France: France comes to Shakespeare

As Scotland ponders its future in a very public process, researchers looking for evidence that Shakespeare visited France have uncovered a wealth of information that shows that Shakespeare’s patron, James Stuart and his court were very well established in France, giving pause to traditional analyses that claim that France was not appreciative of Shakespeare’s work until a couple of centuries after his death.

Of Data Rape and Brain Jacking Part III

On a warm morning in the San Diego area, a worker is walking to the store as offices open, thinking about the upcoming pomegranate season. As the employee reaches the crosswalk, a 6 year old child walking with his mother approaches him from behind and says ‘pomegranate’. If the employee were in the pomegranate business, it would make sense that someone had spoken to the child about that business and they were simply talking about it. Instead, the employee was considering something new that they had not even thought about until they were leaving the office.

Another Potential Coverup Looms in America

In part one of our series on Data Rape and Brainjacking, we focused on describing systems that are in place in industry and the criminal world that allow organic networks to follow people and steal information by compromising the employee or executive that is being attacked. Part Two is about the government role and how it is hindering public safety by suppressing or ignoring important information that the public needs to protect itself.

End of Summer in Baja California: a warm morning with not a cloud in the sky. As the taxi draws to a stop on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a high school boy wearing short sleeves and a fur lined hat that covers his ears climbs aboard. In most places the extreme winter gear on a 70 degree morning would seem out of place. In Rosarito, Mexico it is a more common form of protection from people hitting you in the head from afar with a sonic weapon.