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US: Military Intelligence Owns Your Phone Data

US Citizens, residents and visitors will have at least two more years of blanket government collection of their phone records after Congress rejected a proposal to end the NSA’s practice of collecting all phone records of domestic calls.

The distinction that was being argued about in Washington D.C. was clear.

Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand- 3 Queens, Gold found in Royal Tomb

As a poker hand, 3 queens is nothing to sneeze at.  If you are an archaeologist in the 21st century, happening upon an undisturbed tomb that contains 3 queens and all of the possessions traditionally buried with royalty after their death can be priceless.

So when Milosz Giersz, the head of a University of Warsaw research team reported his findings to National Geographic , stating that “We are talking about the first, unearthed royal imperial tomb.”,  there was a lot of excitement in the region.

Of Data Rape and Brain Jacking: Part One Corporate Espionage

Twelve years ago, when information thieves wanted data from someone who had access to the entire codebase for one of the world’s largest security software firms, they used a rudimentary form of conditioning response to attack the person in their home by hitting them with electro-magnetic waves combined with sonic weapons and microwaves.