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Se supone que tiene 18…Latino Voters Wonder ‘Who Does Love Them In the 2020 Election’?

Maybe it isn’t too late for Kanye to make up some ground in the 2020 election.  After being shut out of the 2020 Vice Presidential qualification process, Latin voters are already starting to look at just who has been helpful in building a wall of support that underpins a stable, prosperous community.

Covid ‘Intellectually’ Handled, But Are Lives Being Lost in Translation?

George W. Bush once jokingly said that France needs a word for ‘entrepreneurs’. In the same vein, if you look at the Covid virus projections for Texas and other states, it is obvious that the states’ strategy will have to be to have business and citizens hang in there until about January, when the first of the American-made vaccines hits the market.

How ‘Bout Gobsmacked Candidates Get Half The Distance And One Sonic Answer That Frees The World?

So Chaucer’s early work brought him acclaim and a literary appointment to the King of England.  Yet when someone is upstream from you that is not the King wants you gone, you will probably start to show signs of cracking over time.  Chaucer was no exception.  He lived miserably, died early, and was supposedly turned into a parakeet for some of his later work.   The short of it is that he was hit by a continuous quartzite (early electronics) cadencing and frequency attack that lasted for years.

911 Continued: Did NSA Or Justice Contractors Start A One Year Attack Clock And Forget About It?

Since we published the original 9/11 interview, we have been inundated with requests for more information.  It would seem that the public does want justice to be done if major mistakes were covered up on 9/11 and the Kennedy plane crash.  The real question has been whether or not the government will actually allow there to be an accounting for the government contractors that were involved.

Courageous Project Kicks Off On Time

Starting tomorrow, a new project that will create a victim and investor owned company that mitigates some of the sonic and neural warfare, damage, and pollution created by the tech industry will come online.  Known as the Courageous Project, it will offer victims of control or sexual sonic programs that were run in private companies or on public populations ownership in the form of a license that will convert later to stock or cash.  It will also collect money from tech companies that are interested in supporting the development of a community space that is devoted to educating people on the dangers of oscillation in the workplace and home.

Arraign In Spain? Or Put Them On A Plane?

Recent events have created more friction in Catalonia than there has been in years.  Surprisingly enough, people in Latin American countries have strong opinions about what should happen there going forward.


As the parent company of Pan Am One is involved rolling out a global construction consortium, an interview with our editor brings forward yet one more option for the region and Spain to consider:

Neural War Update:  Did 755 Trigger An Agreement?

In Unix, 755 is an indication that the owner has create, execute and read rights while the members of the group and the general public can access the the directory that they need to in order to read the file in question.

Recently, when Mr. Putin of Russia determined that around 755 of the US overseas State department employees in Russia needed to leave, some people were left wondering if there wasn’t some sub-text attached to the measure.

New Administration: A Civilian’s No On Psy Cams

By AntanO - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By AntanO – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Although the Obama administration finished with a track record of success in the economic areas that matter the most to Americans, the human rights abuses that started during the Afghan war continued domestically- and even expanded as technology got into the hands of more and more of the private sector.

Here is a recap of some of the recent types of problems related to weapon

Directing Obama: Did Someone Script McKinley = Make Kin Lucy- Setting Off A Mad Dash To Rename A Mountain?

For a while, tech executives and others have been offered a service that allows them to direct others’ schedules and actions without knowing them. In some places, that has devolved into neural warfare as it has been deemed easier to use sonic and other frequency weapons to make suggestions and wage Sony-style attacks in the form of ‘bow down’ consciously or subconsciously to the local “I’ll do-what-you-saida” training camps.

French Help Out, Rout Socal’s Count Junkula

It sounds rather fantastic to most people. What if the “you” that you knew as an American based upon a couple of generations of ancestors and a decent education encountered rougher waters than normal in certain geographic regions during the course of competition?