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A Voice Would Be Nice

There is a lot of back and forth going on regarding the changes to the Patriot Act and how the Freedom Act will ultimately supplant some of its provisions. The interesting thing for most people that are primarily concerned that there aren’t abuses of the system is that however the current deal comes down, it isn’t necessarily going to square with the reality that Main Street sees on a daily basis.

The Senate has tried to account for the changes that phone companies will need to make in their databases by extending the existing system, or reporting back to the federal government, but the real question that should be being asked is where is the accountability from the perspective of a private citizen?

Paul Walker – Roger Rodas Crash Interview: Did Someone ‘Play’ Them?

Note:  Pan Am 1 has consistently shown that the tools of war have been upgraded to include weapons that are not always acknowledged to be part of our arsenal. As we roll out stories related to different incidents using some of that technology that have occurred in the United States, post- Iraq War, we have received a large number of inquiries as well as experienced episodes of harassment.

Today, we have Editor, David Gass on tap to answer questions regarding our insight into some of the intrigue that has been going on behind the scenes stateside that affects the lives of many.

Travelers, get ready for your screen test!

For a lot of people, it is interesting that instead of quarantining entire countries in terms of travel due to the threat of the Ebola virus, there has been a very relaxed approach in the United States and other countries regarding allowing people to disembark while an epidemic rages. Then again, with the military industrial complex taking a part, there does need to be a feed trough for those that follow them.

Argentina: Don’t Forget Mendoza as a Winter Olympic Venue!

The message last week from the Argentine Olympic Committee brought cheerful news that the country was planning on bidding for a future Summer Olympics.  More importantly, for many that believe that Argentina has a solid chance of landing the 2030 Winter Olympics, the Olympic committee also mentioned that they felt that the Patagonia region was a strong contender for a future Winter Olympic bid.

Sovereignty in the 21st Century: How financial matters matter

It seemed like a very good idea at the time.

In retrospect, agreeing to the order that caused Argentina to route all payments for its debt through the United States proved to be a sticking point that caused it to be vulnerable to the latest order from its ongoing dispute with hedge fund owners in New York. Simply put,

Another Potential Coverup Looms in America

In part one of our series on Data Rape and Brainjacking, we focused on describing systems that are in place in industry and the criminal world that allow organic networks to follow people and steal information by compromising the employee or executive that is being attacked. Part Two is about the government role and how it is hindering public safety by suppressing or ignoring important information that the public needs to protect itself.

End of Summer in Baja California: a warm morning with not a cloud in the sky. As the taxi draws to a stop on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a high school boy wearing short sleeves and a fur lined hat that covers his ears climbs aboard. In most places the extreme winter gear on a 70 degree morning would seem out of place. In Rosarito, Mexico it is a more common form of protection from people hitting you in the head from afar with a sonic weapon.

A man, a plan, a canal: Cuba?

Ever since the Obama administration entered office, they have signaled a new form of cultural detente with the island just South of Miami.

For the other 190 countries or so that have normal relations with Havana, a partial thaw is a sign that the United States is taking baby steps towards diplomatic coherency. After all, we are only several years removed from a Canadian attempt to poke fun at the situation by creating a bill that asked for reparations for the British-Americans that had to flee the United States during the revolution.

Why Latin American Leaders Want the US to Uphold its Own Values

All the way back in the 18th century, when a young America was first standing on its own feet, Francisco de Miranda, the Venezuelan revolutionary, stopped off to meet with and soak up the ideals of Washington,Jefferson, and Hamilton while on his way to Europe. This uniquely American experience was not lost on him as he continued onto to the continent to try and garner support for South American independence. When he finally returned to Venezuela to spark the revolution, his army was bogged down by both Spanish and other rebels until Simon Bolivar usurped his command. Yet as Bolivar united the armies and swept through South America, it was clear that he was also influenced by the success of the American Revolution.