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Templar Moonshot: Catholic, Buddhist, And Islamic Countries Look To Join The Space Race

For the planners of the 2000 years of Christianity party in Los Angeles, it seemed to be an easy thing to add the fact that they were planning on committing party budget to add an digital archive library on the moon- replete with a ‘tools’ library that included moon rovers and equipment that would allow government, universities, and even high schools access to a moon laboratory remotely.

So Squanto Was An Aztec Agent?

In the 1800’s, one of the leading business magnates in the US supposedly created an article about how Squanto’s turkeys that were served at the first Thanksgiving may have been gifted more directly from the Aztecs than first thought. Interestingly enough, a former editor and US Senator’s family pointed out that the Senator had already said that when he said that Squanto had to have been an Aztec agent because there were no turkeys in Texas. So who actually was the first to talk about Squanto and the Aztecs when it came to turkey? Well, because their topic is similar, it looks like there is a common source for both sets of comments.

Protect Yourself Abroad and in Domestic Urban Hotels

Urban hotels and vacation places have proven to be popular areas for gangs to infiltrate and hit people with radar, sonic, and other weapons when they want to sell them something, or create problems for them.

The reason that you don’t hear about it more is that it is a major liability for hotels.  They will not likely tell you about something that would cause you to sue them.

Bargain Time in Mexico

If you read newspapers in the United States in the border regions you will likely come away with the notion that Mexicans are avoiding crossing the border to buy goods and services in the United States because the peso has dropped so much against the dollar in the past two years.  The truth is that while that does affect their buying power, the Mexican government relaxed some of the tax structure in border cities, making prices more competitive in Mexico.  Additionally, with most merchants sourcing their materials within Mexico, Mexicans can often avoid a two hour wait to cross the border because they can buy the same goods for less money in Mexico.

Take the economy pizza for example.  If a Mexican person in Tijuana wanted a Little Caesar’s Pizza for 79 pesos three years ago, it would have cost over 7 dollars and so it would have been cheaper to buy the 5 dollar version from Little Caesar’s in San Diego.  Today, the same pizza in Tijuana costs around $4.30, making it much more attractive to purchase it in Mexico.

The upshot for tourists is that their travel dollars will go much farther this year in Mexico.  The peso is temporarily down and prices are not up- something to keep in mind this year as you plan your Spring and Summer vacation.

Schiller’s List Goes Live: Directional Sound Problems? Join The ‘Do Not Torture List’

Although it came off a little bit later than promised, Morus Dei, a charitable group that takes on projects to help enhance the lives of people all over has created and put on line a document that allows individuals who would like to avoid being hit indiscriminately by radio, directional sound, weaponized TMS, and radar to become a liaison to the Vatican for their group.  

The Flight of the Bolinacho

Although Tijuana is already famous for Caesar salad, Clamato, and Tostilocos, a pitched battle over a newer introduction, the bolinacho, now appears to be over, with the city getting credit for introducing the concept to the United States. The bolinacho is a roll that is stuffed with cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers before it is baked. It can also contain rajas, or pickled onions, carrots, and jalapenos. Available in supermarkets through Baja and the rest of Mexico, it has joined the array of baked goods in grocery store delis throughout Southern

Schiller’s List about to go live in Southern California!

In the run-up to the publication of a piece on virtual prisons, here is an interview with a Pan Am staff member regarding the decision by Morus Dei, a charitable group, to create a Schiller’s list for travelers to the United States and Mexico.

So Morus Dei has created the position of Morus Dei liaison to the Vatican City for people that are impacted by government or government contractor or business weapon systems that are in use in Southern California. What is the impetus behind that?

The Food Historian: Meat and Potatoes- On the Inca Trail

The next time you eat some French Fries or dig into a baked potato, remember to thank the Peruvians for spending thousands of years developing different varieties of potatoes that the Spanish and British ended up distributing all over the world. The impact of the potato was so great in Europe that today, when you go to normal restaurants in Spain and order the plate of the day, it will often include meat like chicken and some form of fried potatoes, a crop unknown to them until Columbus discovered the Americas.

Royal Inca Travel Tips: Avoiding the California Heart Shot While on Vacation

There was a lengthy newsroom debate over whether or not the death of Dr. Dean Kawesch in Cancun, Mexico 7 years ago was suspicious enough to name the radio routine that causes chest pain after the resort city where it may have been made famous. Instead, it was decided that California gets the dubious honor after contractors were caught using the weapon on people waiting in line outside a superior court house in Southern California.

How a New Database of Nude Tech and Business Executive Photos may be Dumped on an Unsuspecting Public

Pan Am One writers have been to a lot of conferences, speaking in situations where people will tell you to imagine everyone in the room naked…