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Arraign In Spain? Or Put Them On A Plane?

Recent events have created more friction in Catalonia than there has been in years.  Surprisingly enough, people in Latin American countries have strong opinions about what should happen there going forward.


As the parent company of Pan Am One is involved rolling out a global construction consortium, an interview with our editor brings forward yet one more option for the region and Spain to consider:

Employees + Contractors + Hackers ≥ Most Security Models?

Although companies have been on guard for some time now against potential hacking attempts, the security industry seems to be letting them down. Most major corporations and government divisions have been hacked over the past few years, giving some people the notion that stealing information is almost acceptable in some circumstances.

Protect Yourself Abroad and in Domestic Urban Hotels

Urban hotels and vacation places have proven to be popular areas for gangs to infiltrate and hit people with radar, sonic, and other weapons when they want to sell them something, or create problems for them.

The reason that you don’t hear about it more is that it is a major liability for hotels.  They will not likely tell you about something that would cause you to sue them.

Morus Dei Asks Pope To Look At Denial of Religious Freedom in North America

In what they describe as a perfect storm of technology being used against people that do not have economic
options, the charitable group Morus Dei is asking the Pope and the Vatican to consider factoring in and talking about real world conditions that go beyond what is traditionally published in the media when it comes to trying to
empower those who are living in areas that they are talking about supporting.

Bargain Time in Mexico

If you read newspapers in the United States in the border regions you will likely come away with the notion that Mexicans are avoiding crossing the border to buy goods and services in the United States because the peso has dropped so much against the dollar in the past two years.  The truth is that while that does affect their buying power, the Mexican government relaxed some of the tax structure in border cities, making prices more competitive in Mexico.  Additionally, with most merchants sourcing their materials within Mexico, Mexicans can often avoid a two hour wait to cross the border because they can buy the same goods for less money in Mexico.

Take the economy pizza for example.  If a Mexican person in Tijuana wanted a Little Caesar’s Pizza for 79 pesos three years ago, it would have cost over 7 dollars and so it would have been cheaper to buy the 5 dollar version from Little Caesar’s in San Diego.  Today, the same pizza in Tijuana costs around $4.30, making it much more attractive to purchase it in Mexico.

The upshot for tourists is that their travel dollars will go much farther this year in Mexico.  The peso is temporarily down and prices are not up- something to keep in mind this year as you plan your Spring and Summer vacation.

2016: The Year Mobile Payments Take Off?

2016 will be a very good year for you to consider jumping into mobile payments as a consumer or a business if you haven’t already. The primary reason for this is that the infrastructure at businesses and in the smartphone and tablet market has grown enough so that making and receiving mobile payments is something that will enhance your business or shopping experience.

Here are some of the top mobile payment trends that will affect customers in 2016:

The Flight of the Bolinacho

Although Tijuana is already famous for Caesar salad, Clamato, and Tostilocos, a pitched battle over a newer introduction, the bolinacho, now appears to be over, with the city getting credit for introducing the concept to the United States. The bolinacho is a roll that is stuffed with cheese and pickled jalapeno peppers before it is baked. It can also contain rajas, or pickled onions, carrots, and jalapenos. Available in supermarkets through Baja and the rest of Mexico, it has joined the array of baked goods in grocery store delis throughout Southern

Pan Am ONE Americas’ Soccer Rankings for August 2013

This month, as South American squads get into league play, Brazil’s top league is showing its parity, with Gremio moving up to number 3 in the Pan Am ONE Soccer rankings, Botafogo RJ moving into the top 10, and Fluminense moving downward.   Atlético Mineiro of Brazil and Olimpia of Paraguay retain the top two spots, based on their league play and their splendid runs through the Copa Libertadores.