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911 Revisited: Why Did The US Government Ignore The 911 Clock?

For those that weren’t aware that there was an attempt to manage or to pretend to manage the 911 date and time of the New York WTC attack, the question that is probably the most important for them to remember is: “Who is responsible for deliberately using satellite to caption workers that they wanted to use the word ‘ulluate’? It may sound odd at first, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that someone has run a fairly large cover-up in order to get away from liability.

US: Military Intelligence Owns Your Phone Data

US Citizens, residents and visitors will have at least two more years of blanket government collection of their phone records after Congress rejected a proposal to end the NSA’s practice of collecting all phone records of domestic calls.

The distinction that was being argued about in Washington D.C. was clear.