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So Apparently Paul Walker Was Murdered

We don’t normally go back and revisit stories that we have published in the past.  By the same token, if there is new, compelling evidence, it can sometimes put a story into perspective.  In the case of the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash, our original story said that it ‘might’ be the case that satellite interference was involved as there was an existing roadside frequency network in existence on Santa Clarita’s major thoroughfares at the time.

Paul Walker – Roger Rodas Crash Interview: Did Someone ‘Play’ Them?

Note:  Pan Am 1 has consistently shown that the tools of war have been upgraded to include weapons that are not always acknowledged to be part of our arsenal. As we roll out stories related to different incidents using some of that technology that have occurred in the United States, post- Iraq War, we have received a large number of inquiries as well as experienced episodes of harassment.

Today, we have Editor, David Gass on tap to answer questions regarding our insight into some of the intrigue that has been going on behind the scenes stateside that affects the lives of many.

Today,Trailers are ‘In’ With the Release of Paul Walker’s Furious 7 Trailer

The movie trailer for Fast and Furious 7, as the latest iteration of the Fast and Furious series is known, was released online today .

It is likely an exciting, yet bittersweet time for the cast and crew, which dealt with a lot of tragedy in the form of the death of star, Paul Walker while the film was still being shot.

As a consequence, the popular actor’s brothers came aboard to help complete the movie and scenes were redone in small parts of the film in order to prepare the audience for the ‘retirement’ of Paul Walker in the sequel.