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The Food Historian: Meat and Potatoes- On the Inca Trail

The next time you eat some French Fries or dig into a baked potato, remember to thank the Peruvians for spending thousands of years developing different varieties of potatoes that the Spanish and British ended up distributing all over the world. The impact of the potato was so great in Europe that today, when you go to normal restaurants in Spain and order the plate of the day, it will often include meat like chicken and some form of fried potatoes, a crop unknown to them until Columbus discovered the Americas.

Peru: Archaeologist Giersz shows his hand- 3 Queens, Gold found in Royal Tomb

As a poker hand, 3 queens is nothing to sneeze at.  If you are an archaeologist in the 21st century, happening upon an undisturbed tomb that contains 3 queens and all of the possessions traditionally buried with royalty after their death can be priceless.

So when Milosz Giersz, the head of a University of Warsaw research team reported his findings to National Geographic , stating that “We are talking about the first, unearthed royal imperial tomb.”,  there was a lot of excitement in the region.