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How ‘Bout Gobsmacked Candidates Get Half The Distance And One Sonic Answer That Frees The World?

So Chaucer’s early work brought him acclaim and a literary appointment to the King of England.  Yet when someone is upstream from you that is not the King wants you gone, you will probably start to show signs of cracking over time.  Chaucer was no exception.  He lived miserably, died early, and was supposedly turned into a parakeet for some of his later work.   The short of it is that he was hit by a continuous quartzite (early electronics) cadencing and frequency attack that lasted for years.

So Apparently Paul Walker Was Murdered

We don’t normally go back and revisit stories that we have published in the past.  By the same token, if there is new, compelling evidence, it can sometimes put a story into perspective.  In the case of the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crash, our original story said that it ‘might’ be the case that satellite interference was involved as there was an existing roadside frequency network in existence on Santa Clarita’s major thoroughfares at the time.

Sexual Satellite Announcement Creates Debate

A long time ago, the US decided to focus its sonic or wave technology development in two areas:  control and sexual response.  The upshot was that it might be useful to the government to either manage someone or create an orgasm in them.